Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A good day

I went to town just shy of noon. First to the feed store.Next stop, Salvation Army to drop off things from the cleaned out closet. It was then on to BK Bakery. I had heard their cinnamon rolls were to die for. My friend Kathy was right. Yummo! They feature Kaldi's Coffee, a Missouri Coffee company. The coffee was excellent!

My next stop was a downtown shoe store. It's an old establishment, not much to look at. I walked in and told the elderly Jewish man what I was looking for. He took one look at my shoes and said , oh you have a long narrow foot. (Long, now that's a nicer word than big!) He gave me a pair to try on to see for size, even though they were 2 sizes smaller than I normally wear. They felt wonderful. Just what I was looking for. All leather, waterproof, not steel toes, lace up and the price was right. (So was the 2 sizes smaller)

I loved them so much I wore them out of the store! Now I'm ready for some sh_ _ kickin'.

On to see my Mother at her assisted living apartment. She's was a shoe inspector in her younger days. I knew she would love sticking her hands in to feel the toe lining, the insoles and the smooth leather outside. They met her approval!

It was then a quick stop at Joann's Fabric. I am looking for a certain template to make a dresden plate quilt block. No such luck on that. However I did find fabric for Elizabeth's baby doll quilt. I want to make one for her Christmas present.

On my way home I remembered this couple that had a baby doll cradle at a rummage sale last year. I stopped to see if he was still making them. Luckily he had an oak one all made up. The $45 price tag was a deal! He was happy about no longer having to store it, and I was happy that I am a step closer to completing my Christmas shopping!
9:00 PM 63 degrees


Becky said...

Sounds like a successful day! Love the little doll bed.

Life is good! said...

cute boots! i along with your mother approve. i would say that doll cradle was a great deal! and one step closer to Christmas shopping done!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love the boots! It's good that you had Mother's stamp of approval too :) That sweet little doll cradle... so cute. What a great day! -Tammy

Jackie said...

The doll cradle is really cute and so are the boots. Sounds like a good day.


Sara said...

Love your boots. Love that you wore them out of the store. :)

Zoey said...

Love the boots. It sounds like you had a perfect day. I bet some lucky little girl will be loving that doll bed.

♥Kathy♥ said...

Yeap I gotta say I like those boots also. I have the reverse problem when I go to buy shoes, everyone always says "Oh you have little doll feet!" And sends me to the childrens department to get shoes. =P
The dolls cradle is really nice. Great deal for only $45.

sharon said...

Great blog! Nice shoes and cradle. Enjoyed your last few blogs. Sharon