Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday's road trip

Now is this a beautiful scene in the country or what? BT and I headed out before 5:30 am for what would be a 400+ mile trip. We went to Matthew Burnett's home place for the BAM (Missouri Blacksmiths Association) meeting.

Some of this material would turn into . . .

. . . this, a finished wooden wagon wheel with an iron rim.

To read more about the meeting you can click here, Osagebluffblacksmith.

It looked like Matthew and his dad are raising a few turkeys, possibly for a thanksgiving table somewhere. We were lucky enough to have Matthew's dad make lunch for all the smith's there and even some wives. He made the best chili using roast beef. It was steaming hot and seasoned just right. Our dessert was German Chocolate cake. We enjoyed the wonderful meal while sitting under the huge shade trees overlooking the hills.

On the way home we gave PW a call. He told us to stop by. An hour and a half later we were in the driveway of Flat Creek Farm. While we toured Tammy's flower garden she gathered white coneflower seeds and some red gaillardias. I just hope I can make them grow.

After a cold refreshing glass of tea, we got a tour of their new shouse (shed/house). They are putting in shiney new tin ceiling in their kitchen. It is awesome, as is the bead board in the bathroom. These are two things that I have always envied. I got to meet Gracie and Ruby, her two miniature donkeys. There were just adorable. The two were relaxing, listening to some tunes on the radio.

Our visit was way too brief, but we were anxious to get home since we had started out very early.

Once home we ate our carry out pizza. Just as we were about to relax, the grandsons came to stay all night. Seven of the past eight nights we have had house guests. It's going to be awfully lonely here this week!

Don't forget now, surf on over to read more about the BAM meeting at Osagebluffblacksmith.


Becky said...

If it gets too lonely at your house, you can always come into town and hang out with me at my house. Hoping to get some quilts (yes, plural) made this week!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Next visit, you have to stay longer! I know you will make those flowers grow just fine next Spring :) -Tammy

Zoey said...

Did you drive 400 miles and back in one day? No way. I must have misunderstood.

In either case, I am glad you had a nice trip.