Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's finds

My Friday included stripping the bed, washing the sheets, ironing the pillow cases (yes I still iron them), dust mopping, scouring sinks, vacuuming, mowing grass and answering emails.

So I thought I deserved a much needed break. I drove about 9 miles to a rummage sale.

There I found what I first thought was a Joe and Alice Dudenhoeffer hand made split oak basket. I quickly grabbed it up. With only a $9.00 price tag, I couldn't go wrong. I also found an old cake decorator/cookie press for just $3.00. For another $1.00 I found two books and an adorable fall pin.

Late afternoon I was emailing someone who had an oak wardrobe on cragislist. During dinner he returned my emails with the pictures that I had requested of the inside. BT and I decided to road trip the 35 miles to look at it. After a quick phone call for directions, we hooked up the trailer and took off.

We found the office where the wardrobe was located in Columbia MO. There BT and I assessed the thing inside and out. We talked a bit and decided to make an offer. ACCEPTED! I will try to get you all a picture tomorrow. 4 wardrobes and counting . . .

Back at home we started looking at the basket I had bought. After comparing to others that we have of Dudenhoeffer's, we decided the branding on the inside matches our oak backpack made by Roger & Betty Curry of Salem Missouri.

Have a great weekend!


Life is good! said...

i have a basket fettish! love them. looks like some great and fun finds. have a great weekend!

Sara said...

I like the way you think! Especially as I waffle back and forth between cleaning and ...not cleaning.
That cake decorator is totally groovy. It would go with my old meat thermometer still in its package.
But my question is: "2001 things to do before you die"-why do you suppose they italicized "to" ??? :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Something close to my heart - an oak basket! You really got a fabulous buy on all of those wonderful items. Great job on all the domestic diva stuff too ~ send some inspiration my way for that, will ya please?? have a great weekend! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

Here I thought I had all the spiders.
Did anyone notice the one on the basket? Why they ever quit making those wardrobes I don't understand.
Maybe that's why our house had no closets we live in, they all had wardrobes or No clothes. Yikes!