Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby it's still cold outside

Yes it's still freezing in Mid-Missouri.

The guys have left to go ice fishing. Visit the Blacksmith's blog to see yesterday's report.

As for me, I am going to make this Gumbo.
I attend the cooking school years ago on a
husband's business trip.
It's the best Gumbo I've found.
Let me know if you try it.

Then I am going to cut some fabric for
Laurie's Granny. I need 230 printed squares, 4 1/2 inches square. I found some pretty
fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday.
If I'm lucky I might get to take care of the 3 grand kids while Mommy does some YMCA time.
Hope you're all staying warm.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Still on the negative side here this morning. Oops, just jumped up to +2! Thanks for the authentic Gumbo recipe. I will try it after I get the key ingredients. Yum! Enjoy your day and stay warm. -Tammy

Jackie said...

The gumbo recipe looks really yummy. Ice fishing? I didn't know anyone in MO did that and I'm even from farm country. That is neat. Have fun on that fabric project. I'm going to try and do some scrapbooking once this house is that means the scrapbooking might not get done. (grin).

Stay toasty!

Sarah said...

Still cold here as well, but the sun is out. Stay warm and have fun with the fabric! Hope you can stop by HFTS. I'm sharing some special chocolates today for Pink Saturday.

soggibottom said...

Because down here in the South West of England we are the warmest part of the country......must admit started to feel guilty...Then like every one else we joined the club.

Keep warm and safe x x x

Rural Revival said...

It's coooold here too. -19C this morning which I think is -2F. That's without the windchill, fairly cold for our area, the lakes usually temper things for us. At least we have a little snow now to protect our fall plantings.

Be well and stay warm!


Life is good! said...

i've have never understood ice fishing. i hate the cold and i don't trust the ice, but i do love eating fish. enjoy staying warm while the men fish!