Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today after several hours of sewing for me and a couple of hours of blacksmithing for the hubby, we decided to make Krumcakes, also known as New Year cookies.

These take two people to make. It was my job to pour one tablespoon of batter onto the griddle. You time each side for 30 seconds and then turn it. The hubby's job was to take them off the hot griddle and immediately roll onto the tube.

Krumcakes were always a tradition at BT's parents house. I can remember his mother making big batches of them. (Thanks Delphine for the memories!) They have anise in them. You can fill them with whipped cream or just eat them plain. They are light, airy, and crispy if made correctly. I really think you could eat the entire batch and never get full. That is unless you use the whipped cream.

Here is what my stove looked like after we finished, A MESS!

Grandpa is showing Alex how to fill his cone with whipped cream.

Elizabeth got whipped cream everywhere, especially when her Daddy put it directly on her hand!

So how was your Sunday? The sun was shining here today. The first time in over a week. Now they are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow.


Jackie said...

The Krumcakes look really good...I've never had those. It's snowing here now and more to come this week. At least it's white and not gray! Oh, from your comment on my blog...your Noahs Ark tree sounds really cute...I remember mention of your Noahs Ark room. I hope you have a great week.

Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

My mother pays BIG money every year to some lady in Freeburg to make these. She gives them out as Christmas presents with her homemade whipping cream and chocolate sauce (we drizzle on top)!!!! You should go into business!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now those Krumcakes looked mouthwatering, any left? I'ld like to try them sometime. The family is blessed that you carry on those traditions. K and V got over 6 inches of rain last week. I believe 10 for the year is normal. Our 5th wheel was surrounded by water in their backyard.

Zoey said...

We used to buy those in the grocery bakery section. I remember some name with "horn" in it. They were filled with a white cream and were quite yummy! It would be fun to have a family tradition of making them.

Life is good! said...

the krumcakes looks delicious and fun to make especially with the grandkids!

Rural Revival said...

Those sound good and with two people, they don't seem that hard to make.

katie said...

The krumcakes look wonderful. I buy something similiar at the grocery store we call creme horns.
Is the Osage Bluff you live at on Truman Lake. If so I live just up 83 almost to wildcat drive.
Have you ever been to Saltbox Primitive Woolens and quilt shop.???

Flat Creek Farm said...

How did I miss this one? Krumcakes look fantastic. Are they anything like crepes? Yum. -Tammy