Sunday, January 31, 2010

A dusting of snow?

The dusting predicted for late Friday night
turned into almost 3 inches.

The only one really happy was Bentley.

Because BT had to get out the tractor and do this!

I had to shovel off the snow on the deck.

I even shoveled the sidewalk.

Oh those weathermen! Sorry Rusty.
Thank goodness you're not the weather man for this area,
or I'd have to hurt you.


Zoey said...

It looks like you have more snow on the ground than we have. We have been pretty lucky so far this year! I like being able to drive on roads that are not ice covered!

Dandy said...

If thats a dusting I wonder what heavy would be?

Tipper said...

After reading the post below-I'd say they got their days mixed up : )

Rural Revival said...

I wish we could get some of that!