Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dinner tonight

Remember these? The dirty jars I bought at the auction over the weekend. They were muddy, grassy and scummy.

I first soaked them in a wash tub with strong detergent water. I then scrubbed them with a stiff brush.

I then loaded them into my 17 year old dishwasher. I used for pot scrubbed cycle and the wash heat booster cycle. I'm pretty sure in 17 years that was the first time use for those cycles. They came out looking like they were brand new.
But by the bottom of this one I can assure you they weren't new. It is dated Aug 31, 1815. It was made in Sands Springs Oklahoma by the Kerr Glass Company.

Now let's talk food. Tonight we will have this fresh picked lettuce for dinner.

Along with that, let's add some fresh green onions. The radishes we will save for breakfast. They go so good with bacon sandwiches.

Then I found this while mowing grass in the backyard. It's all mine. Unfortunately the blacksmith is highly allergic to them.

It sure made mowing the grass worth while!


Annie Jones said...

We brought home a bunch of canning jars from a craigslist ad and cleaned them almost exactly the way you cleaned yours. None of ours were old though, just very dirty.

Do you put the radishes on the bacon sandwiches or do you serve them on the side?

StitchinByTheLake said...

Those jars were a lucky find - and I'm jealous! I'm hoping Jerry will find room for me to take my canner and jars to the mission with me since we'll be in the middle of farm country in Louisiana this summer. You'd think I was moving for good with all I want to take. :) My neighbor brought me some fresh lettuce this week and it was wonderful! blessings, marlene

Rural Revival said...

1815?!! Wow! How cool is that?

GardenofDaisies said...

How lovely to be able to step outside and pick your own dinner! :-) And thank goodness for dishwashers!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I fixed wilted lettuce for lunch yesterday - first time this year. Still no mushrooms in my yard patch though :( Lucky you! Wish I would have had your 17 y/o dishwasher last year when my sister gave me boxes & boxes of jars from her cellar. They're still sitting in the shed - all yucky.

1815?! That one certainly should be worth something! -Tammy

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

1815, that is amazing Patti! I need to check my parents yard when I get home for mushrooms.

Jackie said...

That 1815 jar is really neat. I love those old jars and I'm always on the lookout for them. Your dinner sounds great and I'm stealing your idea for bacon sandwiches for tonight...yum!


katie said...

Great find on the jars.
Let me know if you want me to mow your yard.

Sara said...

I love those old jars, too.

I also love torturing myself by reading what delicious things you're cooking up. :) Esp. around lunch time.

Still no mushrooms up out here. Should be any time though.

Deanna said...

I love old jars. Great job cleaning them up. What a find!

There is nothing like fresh lettuce and radishes and onions... and a mushroom! And you couldn't share even if you wanted to.

I love auctions!