Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jungmeyer Auction with the Mother of all CROCKS!

Saturday we left the house at 9:00 for an auction. The skies looked gloomy before we left so plenty of rain gear was taken, or so we thought. The drive took about 20 minutes.

This auction in the country was located on a ridge. The surroundings were beautiful, you could see for miles.

The first thing I scoped out was the 50 gallon Red wing crock.

This is the biggest crock I have every seen. It was in mint condition. Notice the spigot on the bottom. It measured 34 inches tall and 24 inches across. It would sell later in the day for $1350.00. From the little research I did, at the Red Wing Collector's website, it seems to have a value between $2000 to $2400. Someone got a very good deal!

Vintage miniature oil cans.

Car Snac VW sportsman thermos picnic set. A very nice rare plaid retro VW Car snac picnic set. It would hang over the back or front seat and has two thermos bottles for hot and cold drinks. The middle is a sandwich or snack compartment.

One of the many rows of things waiting to be auctioned.

A rare sight, to see a farmer who owns both red and green!

A very nice wood cook stove. the collectible fan on top was sold separatly for $10.00.

Pie crust metal rockers. We would've liked to have these, but we don't need them! We already have 12 restored metal chairs.

White Mountain Oak ice box.

Wurlitzer Simplex Multi-selector, wooden case juke box with records.

The majestic old barn, still in the dry.

The sky's get more threatening. Rains coats are being put on.

And this is what I saw as I sat in the car to warm up. It must have rained two inches in the 8 hours we were there.

The back of the jeep was full.

8 quart Simmons Hardware sausage stuffer. Our purchase price $25.00

Hobart meat tenderizer. $310 bought by the brother in law. We just transported it.

My 9 hats, 2 of which are mink. One very wet hat box included in the $5.00 price. Cat hair was free.

4 flats of canning jars. Blue jar and some wire bail tops included. I bought for $1

More of my purchases. Oval cast iron fish fryer $22.50. 10 inch deep cast iron skillet $15.00

2 burner gas stove. BT bought for $10.
Not pictured are the blacksmith tongs, the forge blower, some cute little red motor and two soaked auction goers. I also had the camera put away so as not to get wet, when they sold the 1929 Model A ford roadster. It was pale mint green and restored, it bought $6500.

It started raining about an hour after we got there. Only for one brief period did it let up and the sun came out. It gave us a false sense of security. By the time we left, the rain coats were no longer helping, the jeans had soaked up from the bottom. Needless to say everything was wet. And I do mean everything . Even the cloth zipper in my rain coat got water logged and made my top and bra soaked.

We got home, wrung out our clothes, took hot showers and made a big pot of strong black coffee. After looking over all our purchases I made a pot of potato soup.
A fun time was had by all.


Annie Jones said...

I thought at first that YOU bought the crock and I was sitting here slack jawed! LOL!

The jukebox is my favorite, followed by the icebox. :)

Dar said...

Oh My, I'm in Heaven!

Nancy said...

I love auctions...we used to go all the time and hubby would buy old furniture, restore it and resell it in Columbia.. I miss that. Hopefully we will move back soon and can start that again.
My coffee table was only $2 from an auction and hubby thought I was crazy! I love it.. it was an old kitchen work table and he sawed the legs off from the top...

Rural Revival said...

Lots of lovely treasures, too bad it was raining, still fun to see everything though. I can't believe the price of the crock, wow!


Zoey said...

It sounds like a great auction---except for all that rain! Unbelievable how much that crock went for--that would make some expensive kraut!

Are you going to model those hats for us?

katie said...

Oh my heavenly days, what fun.
You made some great purchases.
To bad the weather was lousy, but you probably had less bidders that way.
Hubby and I used to do that every week end.
Have fun with your purchases.

Dar said...

What a fine auction you went to. and thanks for sharing what you could in spite of the downpours. I wonder what the icebox and the jukebox went for. What priceless stuff. So, the hats, do we have a style show coming up? Nothing like hot potato soup to warm the soul.
Blessings and thanks for the tour

Deanna said...

That crock is totally amazing! I've never seen anything like it. We absolutely love farm estate auctions. The problem is there is no room to put anything else. So we've tried to stay away. What do you plan on doing with the hats?

Lisa B. said...

Thanks for stopping by my place! Man I wish I had been there with you, they had a lot of great things. The stove and ice box are too die for.

My cousin owns a quilt shop around Collins Missouri. Have you ever been there?

Flat Creek Farm said...

Patti, I always love your auction adventures. What a great sale! Why is it that the best auctions are always on the worst weather days? My favorite is the VW thermos picnic set. -Tammy

Sara said...

Soooo many great things! (Makes me happy that I have a few of them at my house :) )

sigh. Haven't been antiquing in a while...

SheilaC said...

I used to go to auctions all the time years ago... so much fun just to look at whats for sale and what people will pay for them

Crocks were always a popular item (I have a few myself) but I never saw one that big! Wow!

You got some great deals :)


Nezzy said...

WoW! There was sure some real treasures there. I love that big old crock!

Enjoy your loot, girl!

God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

why didn't you call me? I'd love to have gone with you! Cool stuff!