Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sarah's BFF's wedding

Sarah's BFF Holly got married today.

The girls have been best friends since their freshmen year in high school.

This photo was taken on our Colorado vacation in 2003.

Holly and Eric were married in her church in Taos, Missouri, St Francis Parish. It was beautifully redone several years ago.

As usual the little ones can steal the show. Just after this photo, the miniature bride saw some one up front she recognized and took off like a rocket. The poor little guy was left behind. Yet somehow, flower petals were still dropped on her faster than lightening run to the alter.

The newly married couple. I'm pretty sure he is Holly's new BFF now.

Their wedding cake. They were very sensible when it came to feeding each other the cake, thank goodness. There was no cramming, smearing or shoving of cake. Just a nice size piece gently fed to each other.

Baby Kiah, the daughter of one of the 7 BFF's

MRS W. Congratulations!

Here are the 7 BFF's. They have been a group for years. 3, married, 2 engaged and well 2 left. Close but no cigar.

Sarah and Holly today.


Bernie said...

Lovely pictures and beautiful memories made today.....:-) Hugs

katie said...

Beautiful young women with their futures ahead of them . Beautiful church.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What pretty gals, and wonderful memories for all. That church is amazing! -Tammy

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! That's ERIC W.!!!!!! I LOVE ERIC!!!!! He used to work at Brown Printing with me!!!! He went with me to the Sarah Palin thing the day before the election...we stood in line for FOUR hours waiting to get a good spot to see Sarah and then I had an epileptic seizure 20 minutes before Sarah came out!!!!!!! He stayed and took pictures for me!! Ha!!!

Deanna said...

St. Franic Xavier is such a pretty church. Pretty wedding. Pretty girls. And yea, maybe hubby is her BFF now. But I'll bet Sarah is a close second.

Zoey said...

I hope they all find a way to remain friends. So often once married, the BFF's drift apart.

What a lovely church!