Monday, June 28, 2010

Bringing home the bacon and Child labor AGAIN

Now that's the blacksmith is retired he continues to bring home the bacon.
Or in today's case. . . about 4 gallons of the most beautiful blackberries.
Ya gotta love this guy!
Once again we put the grandsons to use.
This time digging potatoes.
We harvested about 2 bushels of potatoes.
In the rest of the garden, the cucumbers are just setting on.

The cucumbers will look so beautiful hanging from their woven wire trellises.

The patty pan squashes have been blooming.

I love these squash and you never see them for sale in the stores around here.
Thinly sliced, dipped in beaten egg and flour and fried until golden brown.
Oh so good!

I captured this Hummingbird moth while walking through the garden.

Heirloom black cherry tomatoes from
Flat Creek Farm.

10:00 PM 81 degrees


Zoey said...

4 gallons--that's a lot of pickin'! Do you have them in your garden or was he out in the woods fighting off all the forces of nature to get them?

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

My tame berries are horrible this year and the wild are not much better.

Brandi said...

Lovely garden! Yum... I'm hungry now. Fried squash sounds delish! I had big plans to plant a garden this year, but I didn't get to it. Maybe next year.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I sure envy you that garden! Fried squash is one of my favorite summer vegetables - any kind of squash. blessings, marlene

Flat Creek Farm said...

Holy Blackberries... that's a lot! Your maters are lookin' awesome. -Tammy

Terry said...

Those blackberries look yummy! We haven't picked any for years now.

mjnauert said...

mmmmmmm...blackberry jam (with no spiders in it!) looks great.

Tipper said...

Looks like everything is growing good. Your pie makes me hungry : )

Deanna said...

How I love blackberries. We planted some tame ones this year for the first time. I'm hoping to brag about them next year.

Isn't child labor wonderful! Did Blacksmith come home with lots of chiggers?

Sara said...

4 GALLONS?! Nice!

I love those moths. They always startle me. I just learned recently what an ugly worm they are before they turn cute.

Never tried patty pans that way. Something to look forward to. We had fried green tomatoes last night. Yum!