Thursday, June 17, 2010

June rains makes June flowers and more

We've had rain, rain, and more rain. The Missouri river has been above flood stage for weeks.

Now we are soaking in humidity. It doesn't do much for hair styles.

In the mean time it does grow fungus.

It grows bright red nasturtiums.

It grows beautiful wild raspberries that the blacksmith is kind enough to pick for me. Have you tried mixing wild raspberries with vanilla yogurt? Oh so good!

It grows more fungus.

And for today's tease the bees are still hanging around.
10:00 PM 84 degrees.


Rural Revival said...

Love, love raspberries..with anything! : )

Hope things dry up soon.

Have a great weekend!

tipper said...

I can't believe your nasturiums are blooming-mine are still tiny! Hopefully I'll be able to try the yougurt raspberry thing soon.

The bees are so cute : ) I'm wondering what you're doing with them!

Deanna said...

We have the fungus everywhere here too. Wet and humid just makes them pop! Beautiful flowers and yummy raspberries. I like mine on vanilla icecream - not nearly as good for me as yogurt would be.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Hey there! Hope all is well with you. Maybe we can go to another quilt show soon or meet for lunch!

Zoey said...

It sounds like you have having the summer like we had last year...I loved all the rain, but it was a bit cold.

Congrats to your son on his first run. What a great finish!

Sara said...

You're killin' me with the bees already!! ;)