Sunday, June 13, 2010

John C Campbell folk School

This is the week I wanted to be at Folk School. It just didn't work out. Have no fear we will find another week to go.


katie said...

Oh Patti I think the folk school looks like a wonderful experience. Preserving the ways of the past I think will help save the future.
Loved the slide presentation also, I have always had that yearning for country life, I guess it comes from my grandparents and cousins living on farms.

Have a good Sunday

Deanna said...

Wow Patti. I would love to go there. There is so much to choose from! Maybe you'll get to go at a later date.


Janet said...

Thank you for sharing this link! Looks like a wonderful experience and such a calm, beautiful place. Have you been there before?

Tipper said...

I know you'll get here sometime-and I can't wait till you do!!

Sara said...

That place is to die for. Someday!

(Just took a better look at all your family photos on the sidebar. Dang, you all are good-looking! Every last one of you.)