Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's still time to shop

Just in case you didn't find everything you needed on
Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Osage Bluff Blacksmith Shop is still open.
Here's the newest thing the Blacksmith is working on.
Mason jar candle holders.
With a little more tweaking it should be ready for sale.
$15 each (without the jar).
So go and visit
for some of those last minute gifts.


Brandi said...

Ooh, now, that is really neat!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I wish you were here! I want one of those and I know my sister will. :) I'll visit the shop but I may have Sherry pick me one up later. blessings, marlene

Nancy said...

I have to assume you don't ship the glass? yea? I LOVE this and I am not a candle person...but this would be perfect in my house...hm...need to maybe order one...

Karen said...

I love it! ... have to go visit your shop..

Annie Jones said...

Ok. So how do I order one of those?

Deanna said...

That is a nice addition.

I still need to get with you to get the key chain.

Dar said...

Your Hubby is quite the creator. The candleholder is so cool.
Thanks for visiting and congrats on the great JCP find for the wedding.

Val said...

Oh I love that! I am going to look at your shop!