Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 ended on a good note.

Shopping on the last day of the year saved me $114.03 with only 3 coupons.
I bought a sweater, undies, 4 wine glasses, 3 pairs of socks and 6 dinner glasses at Kohl's.
I walked out after paying only $11.93.
Thanks to Kohl's cash and a 40% off coupon.

So on to Penney's with a $10 coupon.
There I found two tops for me and walked out after paying $5.36.

I ended the evening babysitting for baby Lane.
He was injured at his daycare provider in August.
Family and friends had a dinner/auction/dance fund raiser for the family.
He is such a sweetie.

Now on to 2011. I hope all my family, friends and my many blogger friends have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2011!



Deanna said...

I love the bargains! Hope you and baby Lane got along ok last night.

I need to get back on my own computer and check out the email you sent and reply to it. Getting ready to take down decorations. Yuck.

Happy New Year to you guys!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a great day you had shopping! I went to Penney's with that coupon the other day and got a pair of jeans and a heavy cotton hooded cardigan for $20 - not as good as you, but good! blessings, marlene

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

How is baby Lane doing? You are one heck of a shopper! Happy New Year!

Karen said...

Ask me how much I love Kohls.

Zoey said...

My kind of shopping!

Happy New Year to you, too.

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo I love a great deal and you sure got some! I wish the same for you on the New Year also thanks so much :o)