Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amish bargains

Today the blacksmith and I road tripped around Missouri. First we went to a primitive gun show. Years ago we did that sort of thing. We'd dress up in buckskins and shoot muzzeloaders. Today we watched these people and decided we didn't really miss that sort of thing.

It was then on the the Amish community of Excelsior Missouri to Weaver's Country Market.

The store was very busy, being it was a Saturday and they were featuring a 20% off coupon

We bought unbleached flour, popcorn, 24 dozen canning lids, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon, sausage seasonings, chicken soup base, mustard seeds, noodles, sea salt, course black pepper, and oregano. We got $116 worth of goodies for $94. What a bargain.

It's always fun driving through the Amish country, the numerous buggies, the large clean farms, and friendly waves from everyone.

Deanne today blogged about the Amish too, check her post out here.

Back at home, the grand kids came over for dinner. It was their Mommy and Daddy's date night. So as usual I leave you with another child labor picture!


Anonymous said...

I live in Amish Country OH.
Its beautiful here and so clean.


SarahU. said...

I love visiting the Amish stores, they always have ineresting food items. I always buy tapioca starch there to make my Chewy Warm Cheese Puffs!

Deanna said...

Girl, you scare me. Our lives parallel so much. We had a home made pizza party tonight. And yea, go figure that Weavers has a web site. I always enjoy going there. Did you stop and visit Timothy on the way?

I had to grin about the muzzle loader story. It is amaziing how the things that were so enjoyable years ago are a bit lame now.

Karen said...

We don't live near any sort of Amish country and I think we're missing out, I'de love to do what you just did.

Can you tell me, is there a shop online where you buy your canning(jarring) supplies? I am going to attempt this for the first time this year from produce in our garden (yes I said first time, shame of it!!).. and I want to know where folks who do this get their supplies reasonably priced.

katie said...

I love that Amish country you were in also. Their farms are always so pretty.
Elizabeth is growing so fast and such a little helper.

Rural Rambler said...

I want to go to Weavers!

I think you and Elizabeth are standing in my kitchen! I always wanted kitchen windows like that above my sink with a sill to put goodies on. Now I got it and so do you!

Barb said...

I love Amish country. I would go to some little town in Missouri (was a long time ago) and pick up my husbands chickens....loved it.

Annie Jones said...

I love going to Weaver's, although I haven't been there for a few years. There is/was another store out near there that I like, too, but I can't remember the name of it. I am thinking it might be called Dutch Country Store.

We go to Jamesport about once every year or so to the Amish business there.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I had hoped to make a trip to Weavers last time I was there but the weather didn't cooperate. How did you get a coupon? blessings, marlene

Val said...

Oh I want to come and go with you to the Amish country. They have always intrigued me.

Tipper said...

Oh that last picture is priceless : ) Love the snowy header too!