Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another one in the frame!

I have moved on to quilt #2. The first one took me 40 days. This one is smaller, but might have just as much quilting. I need it finished by camping time.

It the first time I have used a backing that wasn't a solid color. I wanted to add a bit more of color splash so it has a pieced backing. Maybe I could even reverse it?!?!

Aren't these the cutest littlest boots you have seen? Just who do you think they belong to?

Why Ms E of course, it's was Tuesday at Grandma's!


Barb said...

Yes, cute boots....loved seeing what you had on your frame!

Karen said...

LOVE those boots!!..who makes them??

Deanna said...

The boots are almost as cute as the little feet that go in them.

We definitely have to coordinate our schedules better wih this quilt. Looking forward to an afternoon or evening (or both?) of quilting.

katie said...

You have inspired me to try hand quilting, but will be using a hoop.
Love Elizabeth's boots I know she looks like a darling cowgirl in them

Anonymous said...

Hello, I saw your comment at Judy's about quilt backings and came over to see your quilt! It's lovely! I was very interested in what you said about previously using plain fabrics for backs. When I first started learning quilting, maybe 20 years ago, we were taught to use muslin for backs and save the "good" (i.e., expensive) fabrics for the fronts. Then I was away from quilting for several years, and when I came back, I discovered that everyone was now using focus fabrics for backs. I'm curious how that came about -- a new fashion, or fabric companies wanting to sell more? Anyway, I'm very glad I found your blog and have bookmarked it to visit again soon. Your grandchildren are so beautiful, and I love the little boots. Kindest regards, Dianne B. in England