Friday, February 25, 2011

Recycle Reuse

Today we headed to town with only two things on our list.

To recycle, and to visit the Habitat resell-it shop.

We first dropped off our two bins of plastics, 1 box of smashed cardboard, and one box of magazines.

Our next stop was at the Habitat resell-it shop. The blacksmith was looking for a small motor. However, we spied these beautiful copper light fixtures first. He told me to go get a shopping cart. When I returned he placed two in the cart. I begged for a third. What a steal at $15 a piece. They measured 16 inches across the bottom and stand 10 inches tall.

Across from the shelf holding at least 6 more lights were tables of beautiful western pictures, from little ones to great big ones. The was a shelf of old cowboy boots and cowboy hats. The clerk told us the local Longhorn restaurant was remodeling.

On the down side, I have no place to put these lights, and . . . they were purchased for the blacksmith shop. (Insert sad face here) He found a motor for $1.50, but after taking it home it won't work. He is very handy at repairs, but it's shot. So we lost $1.50.

So we made a 3rd unplanned stop at Missouri Conservation Department. Age does have it's privileges, the blacksmith purchased his life time fishing and hunting license; a one time purchase!

Last we stopped at the glass recycling bin. It's a free standing bin in town that has just recently been added. The local recycling center doesn't take glass. We were so glad when this was added, as this now makes us completely trash service free.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Awesome! Completely trash service free? Hmmm, could be my next frugal (and of course green) project. Mr PW is not very happy with my latest frugal project (ditching satellite t.v.), but I think the idea will grow on him ;) I love love love those light fixtures!! Kudos to you two for all the recycling. We will miss you two tomorrow ;( Have fun! :) -Tammy

katie said...

Wow I love those lights what a bargain. Sounds like you have a great day. We used to recycle our soda cans but when I stopped drinking soda it doesn't leave many to recycle.My husband took them to a man who crushed them sold them and sent prepaid calling cards to military.

Deanna said...

I love finds like those light fixtures. They will be great for the blacksmith's shop.

We are not nearly as green as we should be. Plastic and aluminum gets recycled. Glass and paper - not so much. We're going to have to work on that.

Tipper said...

We love to go to Habitat when we visit Miss Cindy-always something to find : ) Love the lights too.