Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roba Dolce review #1, #2, #3, #4

If you will remember a few days ago, I won 5 lbs. of desserts from Roba Dolce company, thanks to Karen at This old house 2.

So here are my reviews so far!!

#1 Mango Sorbetto . . . good!

#2 Raspberry almond Fudge Gelato . . .it's getting better

#3 Lemon Sorbetto . . .(Husband ate this one) He said it took him back to his teenage years when he use to get a lemon shake at the soda counter at the local drug store. He loved it!

#4 Dark Chocolate Chunk Gelatto . . . Oh can it really get any better than this???? I even wanted to lick the bowl. Okay so I did when no one was looking.

I still have several favors to review. Of course I'm trying to watch my weight before the
upcoming wedding. But I will get around to it.

I've talked abut my BFF before. Here she is with her daughter at a shower last weekend. Her daughter is getting married just 7 days before my daughter. In fact the two brides are even sharing some of the same decorations!

Speaking of wedding, here are the two book covers I made for the little flower girls. The bride will be placing a sketch book, crayons, pencils and scissors in the pockets.

I think Elizabeth and Hallie will love these.
Now on to finish two ring bearer pillows.


GerryART said...

Am I going to have to go grocery shopping?

Rural Rambler said...

You tasting and reviewing that Roba Dolce and letting us all know the "scoop" is very thoughtful of you! And Patti, while we are talking thoughtful(seriously)thank you so much for telling me about your friend's store in Jeff. My Mom-in-law will be all tickled today when I tell her because she wants to add some new pieces. Thank YOU!

The book covers are darling for the flower girls. I think those would be ideal laptop carriers with some tweaking, man they could be cute for that!

Karen said...


Deanna said...

The book covers are wonderful. The girls are going to love them.

How rude of the blacksmith to not share the lemon! You are making me hungry with your reviews.

Heading outside to enjoy the warm breezes before I head out to work. Have a wonderful day!

Lori said...

What a darling idea for the flower girls. Can you do a tutorial on how you made them? I would love to know how.

Zoey said...

What a great gift for the flower girls! I had two flower girls, too. I gave them finger the parents loved me!

Is that ice cream available all over the US? I don't think I have heard of it.

Laurie said...

oh, a wedding is sooo fun! My daughter got married 4 years ago. I had a great, busy time.