Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Christmas Gathering

Friday I went with 3 girl friends to Stover Missouri for a Christmas Gathering. It was two floors of Quilt shop vendors, and other vendors offering pottery, jewelry, stained glass, baskets, and western decor.

This was one of the first booths we came too.

Another view.

What's missing in this picture?  Katie.  I hope the girls told you I was there!

It was a fun day.  We stopped at the Amish market in Excelsior, where we all left with a bag of goodies. Bread flour, yellow eye beans, cracked pecans and two Christmas gifts were in my bag.

We found at least 3 quilt shops along the way. Lunch was at a little diner in Stover where we found the best freshly made hamburgers. After that we made our way to the Outlet mall at Lake of the Ozarks.  Thanks Carolyn for driving. The funny of the day, was the hand blow dryer in the bathroom. Who knew we all had loose skin on our hands!!!

And then came Saturday, The blacksmith and I went to Excelsior, Missouri just as I had done the day before.

It was Blacksmith Association of Missouri meeting. My other blog has a few more details.

Once again I was lucky enough to join a group of ladies for shopping. We found the scratch and dent store, and two Amish fabric and quilt shops. Thanks, Carla, Margie, Nancy, and Ester for a couple fun hours of shopping. In two days I was in more then a half dozen fabric stores. What a good girl I was, I only bought two pieces of fabric totalling less than 2 yards!


katie said...

Hi Patti, thank for the post.
I wondered why the shop looked so empty Saturday, it was all over at Stover.
Happy you got to go maybe next year or the one in March I will get to.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Darn I missed it! Patti you need to tell me ahead of time about these things....I swear I'm going to come up for one some time. :) blessings, marlene

Flat Creek Farm said...

fun times! PW reminded me of the meeting yesterday, but of course.. he worked. -Tammy

Nancy said...

I only bought 3 yards of fabric... We had lunch at the Pioneer..had a really good pork tenderloin and fried okra...yum...

i looked closely in your photos, but didn't see anyone I knew? lol

Wish we would have run into each other... I looked for you...

Mrs. Turkey said...

In reading your post where you mentioned while you were in a shop in bought eye yellow beans? Here in Maine we bake yellow eye beans for Saturday night suppers. Wondering if your beans are the same as ours? Baked with salt pork, molasses, and seasonings. So good with biscuits and Maine red hotdogs. Love reading your site.
Mrs. Turkey

Deanna said...

You definitely WERE a good girl. I don't think I could have had such restraint.

It looks like you had one of the best weekends ever!

Zoey said...

You did good on holding back with fabric shopping! It sounds like a great weekend with the girls and the Blacksmith.

Would you believe, Patti,that I have only bought 2 yards of fabric all summer? It's true...and only because I needed skin tones for the quilt godmothers. So I, too, have been very good. :)