Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love a good Barter

Barter: to trade by exchanging one commodity for another.

See what I got?  A pizza peel.

Earlier this year the Blacksmith did a show where I met a wood worker.  I casually asked him if he had ever made a pizza peel. He told me no, but he was up to a challenge. Fast forward about 6 months.  We received a call from someone wanting some custom work by the blacksmith. 

When the gentlemen brought the item to duplicate, he told us he was the wood worker. He asked if I ever found a peel.   I told him no and I ordered a peel.  When he came to pick up his order, little money was exchanged as we bartered!!!

I love a good deal. This one was especially sweet since I did no work, it was all up to the blacksmith.


Zoey said...

Patti, you are one clever girl--bartering the Blacksmith's labor for your gain!

But now you will have to make a lot of homemade pizzas. :)

Karen said...

I've never had one of these!..

Deanna said...

OK, you are definitely one up on me, you clever gal! That Pizza peel is awesome. I'm going to have to take barter lessons from you. We barter all the time, but I'm not nearly as clever as you are.

I bartered an embroidery job with the small engine repair guy down the road for a lawn mower. So, not only did I have to work for the barter, but I bartered for an items that caused me work!

Marge said...

Love my pizza peel, which I use for my bread rounds also. But I had to buy mine.......good for you bartering for one. And bartering The Blacksmith's labor to boot!

Word verification must be spying on me! The work is FLABLISH!!!! Pretty close to flabish, with emphasis on the ish!

Nezzy said...

'Gotta love that Blacksmith.

Oh the art of barterin' is almost a lost art these days.

Hubs does manage a wee bit every now and again.

My son The Geek, his sweet wife, The Latin' Lovin' Hillbilly ad the Fab Four are in your neck of the woods this weekend. DIL has a cousin who lives there.

God bless and have a wonderful weekend! :o)