Friday, November 11, 2011

My Noah's Ark obsession

This is one of our spare bedrooms. It is packed with Noah's Ark collectibles. I made the quilt about 10 years ago. It has 50 animal blocks, everyone is different. It is all paper pieced.

On the wall you will see a Noah's Ark wall hanging. I found out just a few years ago that Jerri Lander's did the art work on it. I recently won one of her art prints.

There is a Noah's Ark lamp that I painted and with the hubby's help we wired it.

Across from the bed on the dresser is a Wade Noah's Ark. Every animal on there was collected one at a time from premiums on Red Rose tea boxes.

When the blacksmith was in grade school, the nuns sold candy out of this cabinet at recess. We purchased it from the parish about 20 years ago. It now holds many collectibles. One of my favorites is the Ark on top. My mother bought the ark for me one Christmas. The animals were  purchased one at a time. The set is called Holy Herd.
There are coloring books, reading books, cards, puzzles, clocks, watches, water globes, a Mexican pottery set, picture frames, candles, and even games all featuring Noah's ark.

This wall hanging I embroidered a block a month, a pattern from Lynn Anderson.

This Elbreth pottery set I found on Ebay for a little of nothing compared to the new cost of  it.

A friend cut out this mirror frame and I painted it.

The same friend cut out this set and I finished it. The lid lifts off and the animals can be stored inside.

Another one rest on top of the same beam.

I started collecting Noah's Arks many years ago. I was always fascinated with it. Once things became readily available I pretty much stopped collecting.

To show you how long I've been into collecting, look at the date on the envelope, April 1962. This is a get well card I mailed to a cousin's husband who was in the hospital.

I even wrote him a personal note.

Years later Herb's wife found it and gave it back to me. I put it away and forgot all about it until I rediscovered it this week.

I found it the same day as a cousin post his wedding picture on facebook!

And that's my obsession. Oh did I mention, I was in love Herb when I was only 10 years old???


Zoey said...

I suspected that last line as I was reading! LOL.

What a great collection you have.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wow! I loved seeing this Patti and that makes my Blue Willow Dishes collection look mild. :) blessings, marlene

Carla K said...

Love it Patty, I have a Noah's Ark baby quilt top to cross stitch but haven't started it yet. BTW, will you let me know how you cook you yellow eye beans, I bought some too and am not sure how I will cook them either.

Karla :-) said...

Oops, Patti I mean!

Deanna said...

I can attest to the fact that you definitely have a Noah's Ark obsession. I can also attest to the fact that the paper pieced quilt is absolutely beautiful!

If you have to be obsessed with something, it may as well be Noah's Ark!

Barb said...

That quilt on the bed is just awesome....

katie said...

WOW Patti what a great collection.
Your quilt on the bed is wonderful.

Tipper said...

Love Noah's Ark-and I love love your collection : )

Matt said...


This may sound strange but I have been searching for an Ark that I had when I was a kid. I had done a search and nothing came up, so I went to an image search. I found your third picture with the Ark on the dresser. I was wondering if you could give me information on the maker and name of it because that was the one I once owned. I am inquiring because I am having a son of my own and I would like to find one of those for him. If you see this could you please post a response if you can offer any information.

Thank you
Matt D