Sunday, November 20, 2011

My 2 pie basket

I had a case of basketitis today. It's easy to get when you travel to Osage County to make a basket at the Dudenhoeffer's. This was my second time to make a basket. (Thanks Janet for the invite!) Here is my first time.

This was my first sign that I was headed on the right road.

My second sign that I was still going the right way.

The no doubt about it, the view from their front door is beautiful any season.

The basket making cabin is so inviting.

Today's basket is called a 2 pie basket. To get it started you need both hands and a foot.

It involves some floor time too. Plus you might need Alice's help.

It is also good exercise for the thighs!

Help is always available.

At break time not only do you get homemade cookies, cheese ball, crackers, and piping hot coffee, but there is shopping in the attic.

Joe's handy work is everywhere.

I made the basket in the first picture, but I purchased this one. I can't wait to put my homemade hot rolls in here on thanksgiving day!


Gwen said...

Patti! Basket making is awesome. Judy Hoelscher and I have taken two classes at Nicholas and enjoyed the experience. I'd love to get more info on your experience!

Zoey said...

What a fun day and you made a basket to boot. I bet you will be carrying pies to that big church quilt social you go to each year.

Terry said...

Love your pie basket! I've made lots of baskets and they're so fun and useful! :0)

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

You did a great job! But no two pies?!!

Katie Paxton said...

Your basket looks great. Interesting post and love the cabin you took your class in.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Deanna said...


That cabin is awesome. I wish I knew how to weave baskets. I guess I'll have to add it to my evergrowing list.

tipper said...

Love the basket-and what a neat place to go make one!

Dragonfly said...

So beautiful, someday I hope to learn how to make a basket.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I think it could hold a whole bunch of fried pies. Just guessin'? I love it, and you did great!! That's what I want to do in retirement.. host basketmaking retreats :D Just one of my bazillion ideas in my little brain. Love those woodcarvings too. -Tammy

Down On The Farm said...

That is so cool! Where did you go to make the basket? Are they open to the public? Great Job!!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh how I would love to do that! blessings, marlene