Monday, November 14, 2011

Deer Camp 2011, the first weekend report.

Deer camp, to some it's all about the kill. To us wives, it's all about the food. To the little ones, it's all about the fun!
This first weekend we had all of the above and more.

The grandsons not only got to target practice with their pellet guns, they got to spend the night, and even deer hunt.

This year we have a new player. This grandpa is 92 years young.  Here's the last two left in the card game called Blitz, the youngest and the oldest, out of 8 players. He was constantly telling jokes. He loved the food and couldn't believe all that we had to eat.

After the card game on Saturday night, Grandpa (as we all called him) pulled out his zip lock bag of tricks.

This was a piece of wood with two holes drilled in it. Running through it was a tied string with a large wooden ball that would no way fit through the holes. The trick was to figure out how to get the string off.

Here an exchange student from Chile, tried her hand at assembling a pyramid with some wooden balls. Grandpa told her the game came from Chile, before he knew that is where she was from. She never mastered the assembly of it.

Some how the 10 year old figured it out. His grandpa might have had a hand in it.

Grandpa then gave the boys 7 or 8 nails and told them to fit them all on one. Grandpa finally had to show us all how to do it.

Sunday night before dinner, Grandpa pulled out his hand written joke book!

 He even pulled out his prescription. (I'm sorry it's blurry).  It says please give love, hugs and kisses daily, unlimited refills!  When he gave it to the pharmacist, she told him in 30 years it's the first time she's seen this one.

When he left Sunday night, he called the boys over. He told them before he left he had to empty his pockets of quarters as they were weighing him down. He split all of his card winnings with them.

This Grandpa belongs to a niece's boyfriend. Grandpa was a deer hunter too. Unfortunately he didn't bag a big one, but then neither did anyone else at camp.


Val said...

Oh I love reading about your deer camp experiences and I just love this Grandpa. You know I can relate!!! Love ya!

Colleen said...

How wonderful! It made me think of my own deer hunting Grandpa Jack who turns 90 this year!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful guy to have at deer camp! I wish I could have been there. BTW, no deer killed at my husband's deer camp last weekend either - the weather being blamed of course. blessings, marlene

Deanna said...

Grandpa sounds like quite a gem. What fun!

Julie and her husband didn't get a deer yet, either. It is too warm!
Jim hasn't gone out for quite a few years now, but did spot two pretty doe on the pond bank Saturday morning. Travis thought he should redeem his doe tag, but didn't have his gun with him at the time.

Nezzy said...

We had a wedding here on the Ponderosa the first day of deer season. It sounded like a war zone down here.

Mostly the men hit the deer camps 'round here and thrive on no baths, no shavin' and no women!!! Heeehehe!

I adored meetin' 'grandpa' he's quite the character!

God bless and have a marvelous week sweetie!!! :o)

Zoey said...

Grandpa sounds like a refreshing delight. I bet the boys enjoyed all the tricks he brought.

I wish he would have bagged his buck!

At work one lady's relative shot a 10 pt. and within the hour an 8 pt.! Amazing. He will have bragging rights for quite some time.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Grandpa is so doggoned cute! I'm crushin' on him ;) -Tammy

tipper said...

Thats a trip the little ones will forever remember!

Karen said...

I absolutely love that basket making cabin. Would love one in the hills of vermont, on the side of the mountain with incredble views and the snowmobile trails out the back door. Perfection!