Saturday, May 10, 2008

90th Birthday party and meeting old childhood friends.

The sun finally showed this morning off and on, the day looked beautiful. If the weather would hold, we might get the grass cut. If not, I guess we are going to have to call in the hay balers.

We left the house about noon and stopped at the neighbor's house. Diane was getting her kitchen painted as her mother day's gift from her kids. PURPLE yes you read correctly. They were almost finished.

This little boy had a GRAND 90th Celebration today! Happy Birthday Levi!

It was then on to Wardsville for Levi's 90th birthday party. Levi is BT's 1st cousin, twice removed. The hall was full of people and Levi and Regina were at the door giving hugs to all those who entered. We were able to visit with their children, Garold (from Virginia) and Sylvia (from Kentucky), and their grandsons, John and James. Snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine were available.

We had been there for about a half hour when I saw Levi's sister-in-law, Mrs Schepers. When I was a child we lived two doors down from her. I played many a days with her daughters. So I went over and reintroduced myself. She was so tickled to see me. (You see back in "the days", we were always taught to respect our elders and never I knew her first name and still don't). She pointed out daughters Cathy and Diane and said Barbara was also coming. Cathy remember me even though I was 5 years older then her, Diane remembered our house. Just before lunch was served Barbara found me, we enjoyed two great big ole hugs. Her and I were 3 years apart. Barbara's husband Garry and BT were introduced, and we enjoyed talking old times. Her daughter Genevieve was also with them.

After the meal I went and asked the Scheper's girls if we could take a picture. BT was kind of enough to be the photographer. Janie (Mary Jane) even got in on the picture, even though she didn't have a clue who the Cardwell's were. We moved away when she was about 4.

Before we left the party the rain started once again. There went the grass cutting. Once home, Bentley kept barking, the TV had tornado warnings so I went and took him out of his kennel and brought him inside to the garage. We watch TV and rain rest of the afternoon.

At 5:00 we headed to church. After mass it was a stop at the gas station. OUCH, $58 to fill up the jeep at $3.59 per gallon. We headed into town and got a call on the cell phone to see if we would meet the neighbor's Kathy and Eric at Arris Pizza. As we were going in the door, BT was holding the door for two ladies. I recognized one as my cousin Pam from NEW YORK. She was in town to visit her ailing brother Fritz. We had to wait for our table as this place does a great business. About 10 minutes later we were walking to our table, who do we see, "The Scheper Girls and Mrs Schepers". BT told them at least they still remember where to get good food.

Sprinkles were falling as we left the restaurant. We bid farewell to Eric, Kathy and kids and headed out to dollar General (the only place I can find powder Ajax) and to Wal-mart to exchange the digital picture frame Sarah sent me for Mother's day. (It has a defective cord). I ran into $ General 4 minutes before they closed. It was not a successful trip to Wal-mart, being mother's day weekend, their shelf was pretty bare. None of the frames were as pretty as what Sarah sent me. I decided to take it back home and work with it some more before giving up and returning it to

Back home by 9 it now time for the recliner.

9:57 62 degress and still raining~~~~~~~~

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Tipper said...

Isn't if funny how real friends can just pick right back up where they left off after years apart? Its always fun to visit with folks you don't get to see often.