Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Sunday

We woke up to rain again this morning, earlier they said it had even hailed.

All day we wanted to go on the river, but we'd get rain, then sunshine, then more rain.

BT pulled a portable forge out of storage and gave it a trial run. He is getting ready to work an antique tractor show in July. Together we made some new clutch fingers out of leather. It was a real team process. Jeremy and Mike brought over some metal rods and BT will make hooks for Jeremy.

Jeremy called as they were getting ready to put their boats in the river behind the house. I jumped on the four wheeler and went down. As I pulled up I told them I was the "official" photographer for the day. Aren't' the kids cute as they anticipate their boat rides?

I also took this picture of a butterfly. It reminded me of my blogger friend Zoey's blog today. Check it out. Is this your butterfly Zoey?

Just as we finished grilling our hamburgers and pineapple slices, the rain came again. Oh well there is always tomorrow to take a ride on the river.

8:45 81 degrees


david santos said...
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Zoey said...

The butterflies do look a lot alike, don't they? Mine is a black swallowtail and I think you have a Mourning Cloak. MC's like wooded areas.

It looks like you had a very active, fun day. What cute grand children. I bet they keep you busy and happy.

Hope you have a good holiday (I'm working) :(

Tipper said...

Sorry about the rain-but the picture of the kids is very cute. You can just see how excited they are.