Sunday, May 18, 2008

Girls night out

Friday after work I came home and quickly did a few chores. It was then off to my friend Rita's house for her 2nd annual girls night out party. They live just a few miles from us. Their mile long lane is so beautiful in the spring, around every bend is new sight. The farm is listed as a Missouri Tree Farm.

As I arrived Rita was putting a taco pizza in the oven, Vicki was cutting up veggies and some were preparing drinks, while other were awaiting a four wheeler ride to the river. I put my cranberry slush in the freezer while catching up with everyone.

We all consumed our fair share of pizzas, dips, chips, Connie's creme' stuffed strawberries and of course alcoholic drinks....
Girls continued to arrive until about 9:30. I forgot to mention that it was also a surprise 30th B-day party for Jessica. She would be late because she was giving the commencement address at the high school she graduated from. Jessica was so surprised to find out it was also a party for her. After getting her clothes changed she grabbed some quick food and a drink before her "roast" started. Vicki and Sarah gave a tribute to her, changing the Budweiser commercial to fit Jessica.

We then headed downstairs for the pinata. Jessica swung several times and then the pinata fell to the floor and she whacked it again, that's when the stick, better knows as Tim's antique cane broke. But that didn't stop her, she tore into in it to find chocolate, many pairs for fashionable sunglasses and stickers. It was then back upstairs to refresh our glasses and eat more snacks. Sometime after 11:30 they started pulling cards and games out, that when I made my exit, after all I had to take care of the little boys at 8:00 am and granny couldn't manage that with a hangover. Sorry to say I was going to miss Rita's breakfast and Bloody Mary's. It always fun to get together with everybody.

Happy 30th Birthday Jessica!

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