Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

It was a very relaxed holiday. We never made it on the river, there was always the threat of rain. Last night during the early morning hours we had one heck of a lightening and thunder storm go through. It also dropped about 1/2 inch of rain. The thunder was so ferocious I thought for sure my dishes would fall out of the cabinets.

After breakfast we took our walk around the lake, why we always do this on a full stomach is beyond me. BT took his pistol as we made our way around. Two days ago the son killed two water snakes there. BT's brother Pat came looking for us, he needed some spare parts off of the part tractor at the barn. He drove back to the house as we walked.

Jeremy called for us to come over and see his big catch. A 47 lb Blue Catfish out of the Missouri River. He and Mike had to have fun with their choice of beer for the cat's last drink.

BT changed oil in both the Jeeps, I cut the front lawn and we smoked 2 chickens for dinner. I also made some hot German potato salad and fresh asparagus.

I Hope everyone remembers our loves one that have passed before us.

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Tipper said...

What a huge fish!