Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nothing new to say

Since this has been a week that I have worked at my paying job everyday, I have nothing much of interest to report. It has been a slow week at work, so check this out dog, check this out...

Blue Grass Radio

You can listen to it while you are on the computer. When I just now turned it on, Soggy Mountain Boys, a song from "Oh Brother Where art Thou" was on. That is my all time favorite movie. My friend
Tipper lead me to this radio station. Thanks, Tipper! She always has great music on her blog by her family members. My how I'd love to live in that house. Stop by there and visit.
In my surfing today, (hey I told you it was a slow day at work,) I found a quilt show next week in Mexico Missouri, 46 miles away. You know these days with the price of gas, you have to stop and think twice before you hop in the car and go. I might just do it though, since I am off 3 days next week. Monday they are having a free demonstration"Circles and Curves without pins", Tuesday is a "High Tea", Wednesday is free Paper Piece demonstration", Thursday is a noon luncheon for $8.00, Friday is a "Hand Applique" class. Now what days do I want to go? Anybody wanna go with me?
One more day of working for pay, then it's the weekend! We have a graduation party for BT's two nieces that graduated high school. Smart girls, one was #4 in her class, the other #6, same school even.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Tipper said...

Thank you for saying nice things about me-always makes me feel great. If I was there I'd go with you to the quilt show-and even help pay for the gas!