Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain

I finally made time today to go the the local Green house and buy my annuals. Trinkleins, is located about 4 miles from my house. the neighbor Maggie and I went, the sky was just overcast as we left the house at 9:45.

Her and I each took a cart and strolled through the 9 customers greenhouses. I found some great perennials, Native Missouri Butterfly plant (Asclepias tuberosa), Fox gloves and what looks like black-eyed susan's.

Back home I started planting a quick as I could, the rain was coming. I planted a banana tree and Purple cone flowers given to me last night by Lisa. Thanks Lisa! In that same bed I planted Nicotianas and Live forevers. Then the sprinkles started coming down lightly. Bentley and I pursued and planted one bed with all bright eyes, the other bed had to wait, it was raining harder.

I put Bentley in the garage while I went inside and made myself an avocado and tomato salad with a cup of hot tea to take the chill off.

It was still raining after I finished my load of laundry. So I opened the garage doors and got out my deck planters. There I could fill them and stay dry, Here is the help I got out of Bentley.
Just as I was about to start on the last planter, Maggie drove up with an Asparagus fern plant she had bought for me in town. I set all the planters outside and God is now washing them off.

It's almost time to go pick up #1 grandson from the bus. It will then be time to start cooking my collard greens for dinner. Yumo as Rachael would say.

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Tipper said...

Well you had a great day! I love to plant right before it rains-so I don't have to water them in.

Your lunch and supper are making me hungry!