Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Making a quilted postcard

I can now reveal the blogger friend that I made the postcard for. It's Blind pig and the acorn. Be sure and check out her music too while visiting her site. My new favorites are two CD's I purchased from her made by the Wilson Brothers.
Today I did a little sewing. I made a table runner for the neighbor and worked on the polka dot quilt for Mom. I mowed some grass and made the first bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches of the season. Yummo!
10:27 74 degrees

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Tipper said...

You know when you posted about making the postcard-I never dreamed it was for me. But I'm so glad it was. THANK YOU!! Its just going to be one of my all time favorite things ever. There are several comments about how cute it is on my post already. You are so talented-and you like my kind of music-I think that means your just about perfect.