Monday, July 28, 2008

The grandson's 7th Birthday!

We spent the morning visiting with Sarah. Had a pot of coffee, some chocolate zucchini cake and read the "big" Sunday newspaper.

BT took off for the son's house. He would be frying fish. Here is a golden pan of Missouri Blue catfish frying. Near by a pot of fresh corn on the cob is
cooking. This was a trade made between son and his neighbor. Fresh garden Corn for fresh river fish.

The kids had fun in the yard with the slip and slide. The
may never be the same.

Can you see the theme of the party? Spiderman! Cool cake too that DIL made.

Outside the temperature was about 92, hot and very humid. the kids didn't mind. Luckily we all fit inside at dinner time.

Sarah headed out for OK about 4, and we went home shortly after that. It would be a good 6 hour drive for her.

Here is the fun the kids had today. Oh to be young again!

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Tipper said...

What fun you all had! Happy B-day to your grandson!