Sunday, July 13, 2008

Opening the door to an old friend.

This is how our family looked about 1958.

We had just moved into the city from the rural area. At the time there was an empty lot and one house dividing me from a house with 5 girls. Instantly we became friends. My Mom known to them as "Sis" was always there for them. I remember their Mom Jane leaving the door open most of the time for me. If perhaps it did get locked, I knew to climb on the porch railing and reach high for the "hidden key".

The three younger girls, Patty, Roseann and Rita spend many hours playing house with me. The Schepers neighbors had a play house. Sometime we got to go there and hang out. Summer night's we'd go to go to the Highway 50 Drive in. The five girl's Dad was the projector operator. Wesley and I at the end of our sidewalk, with the Suggett's house in the background.

We'd pile in his station wagon with our pillows and blankets and fight off the mosquitoes until we fell asleep. We would also take popcorn from home in a large brown paper bag.

Come winter time the Parks and Rec Department would build a bonfire and pack the snow on the street for us to sleigh ride the 3 blocks down hill into the city park.

Some time I'd go to the house in between mine and the 5 girls and ask for a hair cut. It was the 5 girl's Grandmother that lived there. A few years later Grandma moved to a new house and Mr and Mrs Jones moved in. Us girls would fight over who got to comb Mr Jones, snow white hair. (However it was probably just an excuse to see his handsome dark hair son. Kenny was always too old for us).

Dad and I and our dog Shorty in front of the house in the city.

Many a days we'd sit under the shade tree and play with our Beatle trading cards. (Some day I hope to find those back hidden at my Mom's house)

When I turned 15 we moved away. I cried for days. Then came a new school and new friends. When I turned 16 and started dating, occasionally BT and I would double date with Patty or Roseann.

After I got married and Roseann got married, our husbands had some of the same interest such as hunting, fishing, and camping. We took lots of road trips together. One night I remember waking up in the tent and there laid Roseann next to me with a flash light scanning the roof of the tent. I asked what she was doing, she replied looking for Grand Daddy long legs. See there he is!

Life went on. We all had babies, and as our families grew, our visits were less and less. 6 kids between us 3 girls and unfortunately some marriages didn't last.

Now to see who these girls are, look at my July 4th picture. That's all of us!

Fast forward to today. Last week BT had an eye doctor appointment. He took with him the calendar we bought at an auction . The calendar was from Dr. Bob's grandfather. Dr Bob loved the calendar and asked to borrow it to make some copies. About 1:30 today I got a call from Dr Bob, asking if we would be home, he wanted to return the calendar to us. A short time later, there was a knock at the front door, when I opened it, Dr Bob was two steps down on the side walk and a lady was standing side ways at the door. She turned and I saw it was PATTY! We instantly went into a big ole bear hug. I had tears in my eyes as I invited them in.

As Dr Bob and Bernie visited, Patty and I talked about old neighbors. Who was left in the neighborhood, including this couple who have since passed.
Patty talked about my Mom putting spicy hot liquid on her nails in attempt to stop her nail biting. Or the time my Mom bandaged up her toe. She had been riding her bike with flip flops on (Of course in those days they were thongs) and skinned it. We visited for over an hour and talked non-stop.

It was a great day in the neighborhood today!

Next weekend there is a reunion of the Renn's Addition neighborhood at the local park. I hope to see many more old friends there.

Friendship is like a perennial river which flows forever. It may change it's path but will never ever dry up.

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Tipper said...

Such a sweet post! True friendship is like that-even if years go by-once you meet again you pick right back up where you left off!

Zoey said...

Darn. My monitor makes everything look dark and I can't read the black print on the dark green background.

You do look very cute all dressed up standing by your dad.

Zoey said...

What a great story, Patti.

Today it's not as dark and I can read it easily.

I loved the July 4 picture of all of you with the sparklers. What wonderful memories.

Highlighting the text does work, but I didn't even need to do that today. My moniter must be behaving this morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh... thank you so much for sharing these memories -- I remember the Finneys. He used to work for the railroad -- with my grandfather. I remember we would go to his house when and sit on his front porch swing with him and listen to him tell stories. I don't remember any of the stories (except how to take care of roses).