Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's fourth of July....

One of my favorite old photos, taken about 1959 in the nighbors backyard. Left to right, Alicia Higgins, Roseann Nentwig, Paulette Nentwig, Me, Patty Nentwig, my brother Wesley and up front is Rita Nentwig.


Today is America's Birthday

so wave those banners high

be thankful for your freedom

as fireworks light the sky

Celebrate with honor

wear the colors proud

salute the flag

Old Glory

show American pride

Hats off to America

land of the free and brave

our country stands united

God Bless the USA

Have a wonderful 4th of July...


Tipper said...

The picture is awesome-without a doubt the best fourth of July pic I have ever seen.

miss chris said...

This is one of the best photos ever. Love it!