Monday, July 7, 2008

LePage Threshing Days

Coming in style...BT's wares were on displayThe grandson's playing around a huge Oak TreeBT and oldest grandson helping to pump the blowerThreshing the wheat
BT and young Grandson helping Picking up the wheat bundlesTaking a break
All in a rowMe hemming a quilt under the shade tree (with a bum leg)

Saturday and Sunday we spent at LePage Threshing Days watching BT forge. It was great having the son and his family there. DIL took some awesome pictures, you can view them on her site. Lori Tappel Photography
It was a great weekend, seeing old friends, meeting new ones and sharing old crafts. Here are some of the sounds of the weekend. (Be sure to hit stop on the music at the top of the blog first.

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Tipper said...

Looks like a lot of fun-sorry about your bum leg-hope its better soon.

I saw in the Folk School book-they are remodeling their blacksmith area-or making it larger.