Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sunday morning came way too early. I was up at 5:00 AM, although I had been awake most of the night.

Here is what the trailer load of auction items looked like as the blacksmith opened it up at the auction house. It was packed to the gills.

There was a crew of guys, including my son and brother, to help unload. It went so fast. By 8:30 we had most everything unpacked and laid out.

Here is a shot of some of the tables.

Here the son surveys the outside "guy" stuff.

Let the auction begin. It must have been 110 degrees on the parking lot. I didn't spend too much time out there.

Deanna and Jim from My loves, my life stopped by. They too, thought it was too hot to spend much time on the concrete. (Thanks for your moral support).

Back inside the building, auction ring #2 was going. I don't know if the crowd wasn't there, the dealers weren't there, or if it was the economy. But things were going way too cheap. The only good thing is, it's all gone now. We no longer have to box and move the stuff around.

We are hoping that, down the road, we kept all the family items of sentimental value. Being totally exhausted, the blacksmith and I, my sister, and my brother and his wife left before it was completely over. We had seen enough.

After going home, showering, and taking a little nap, we all met at 5:00 at Steve's restaurant near Lohman. Brother Bob and his wife Bev (who reside in the state of California) picked up mother. We enjoyed a meal of Burger Country ham and golden fried chicken served family style.

After the meal, we drove to a park in Jefferson City. There, daughter-in-law Lori, took lots of family photos for us.

Bev, Bob, Mother, Lona, Patti and Bernie

Jeremy, Lori, Brady, Alex and Elizabeth

Alex, Elizabeth, Mother, and Brady

Let's say this is our belated 40th Anniversary picture.

Brother Bob, Mother, sister Lona and me.

Elizabeth was taking a picture of her mother.

Thank God we all got through this without too many tears.
Tuesday I closed on Mom's house. We really like the couple who bought it. We hope they have many happy memories and years in the house.
Mom continues to do well at her Assisted Living facility. It's a beautiful place.
The next chapter continues.


Lori said...

I'm sure it was a hard day for you physically and emotionally. Great family pictures though!

Deanna said...

The next chapter does continue, doesn't it... with or without us.

Your mom's dishes tempted me to the point of distraction.

Having settled both my parents' and Jim's parents' homes in the past year, I can't help but think there has to be a better way. It is so heart wrenching.

I'm like you in that I only hope we kept the things that are important. So difficult.

Was great to see you and Bernie - and you definitely had a very hot day for an auction.

Call me when you are read to do some serging!

Tipper said...

I'm glad you got through it! Wish I could have come to see all the treasures-and of course to visit with you and the Blacksmith : )

Zoey said...

What a nice 40th anniversary pic of you and the blacksmith. I have to say, girl, you both look GREAT!

My friends had an auction of their aunts belongings a few years ago and they, too, thought everything went way too cheap....they could not even stand to watch. It was on their home site, so they went inside until it ended.

If you all kept the things that give you the warmest memories, then you did right. There is no way you could keep it all.

Rest up now and enjoy the remainder of the summer. I hope it cools off for you!