Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday's work

Three quilts for three sisters. There once were three sisters, who's Mother had embroidered 6 identical quilt blocks for them. I was chosen to set them together. After looking back (thank you blogger) I see it is usually a year apart that I have been asked to make another quilt.

This one is today's project. I've been working on it this week. This one is for Joanie. As you can see I machine appliqued a rose in the plain white center blocks. I love this fabric. Yes it was a little more expensive. But in this small town with only 3 places to buy fabric, you are limited to just how many blues you can find.
I don't quilt them. They take them to a high school friend of mine and she machine quilts them. I will then bind them.
First I made Roseann's quilt in October of 2008. I sewed Mary Jane's quilt in September 2009. After Joanie's is finished, I think my job is over. Unless I find out that their Mother made blocks for the only brother! But that might not be until 2011.


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Very pretty!!!

Barb said...


Linda Stubbs said...

Very very pretty! Thank you for coming over and becoming a follower...........come back anytime!

Hugs, Linda
Prairie Flower Farm

soggibottom said...

Beautiful blue. I'm pleased that I am not the only one that has been laying quilts on the floor. x x x

katie said...

So Pretty, your sisters are very fortunate. I like the machine work on the large white areas. You have been busy.

Zoey said...

Hi Patti,
How fun to be a part of all thier family heirlooms.

You must be a great friend to many people!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Just beautiful!!

Diana said...

Beautiful!! I am following you now; enjoyed my visit. I piece quilts, too.

Come see me.

Terry said...

Oooh...this is pretty! :0)