Monday, August 16, 2010


You have one, I have one, almost everyone has one. A BFF.

Mine happens to be my next door neighbor. Well almost, there are no houses in between us, but we are about a half mile apart as the road goes. But on a clear day, if we yell really, really loud, we could probably hear each other. When the leaves are off the trees in the winter, we can see each other's lights.

Over the 16 years we have lived "side by side", we have borrowed plenty of things from each other. We each have boys the same age, and our girls are just one year apart. So there have been the usual things to borrow . . . school supplies, computers, printers, even substitute parenting I'm pretty sure.

Then we adults have borrowed things like sinker molds (it's a guy thing) or a bag of water softener salt. Okay I was out of salt, but she still called to see if I had a bag to borrow. We are always raiding each others cabinets for cans of cream of something soup, onions, potatoes, oil to fry fish or chicken, breading for the fish, an egg, a cup of milk, and so much more.

Today was no different. She called me to see if by chance I had any cream cheese. I said "sure I do". She said she'd be right over. I yelled "wait, do you have a stick of butter?" "Yes", she said. I said "okay, I'll trade you".

Over she drives. (Remember I said we're a half mile apart). She said we were life savers again. They were making blackberry torte. We started laughing since we were making blackberry crisp!

It's scary sometimes, how much alike we are!

Our blackberry crisp.
Recipe courtesy of Ree at Pioneer Woman. Click here for the recipe.

Okay so we changed it a little, we used blackberries and Missouri black walnuts. Otherwise it was the same.


Annie Jones said...

I wish I had a neighbor like that!

Bernie said...

Yes we all have that special BFF only mine lives further away and I only get to see her a couple of times a month but we talk on the phone almost every day. We have been friends over 50 years, met in grade school......:-) Hugs

Mel said...

Nummmy! I moved away from my BFF's, there are no replacements!!

誠林法宇法宇紋 said...

看到好文章心情就很好 ^^..................................................................

Happy@Home said...

How nice to have a neighbor and BFF like that. Your blackberry crisp looks scrumptious.

Dar said...

Aren't BFF's the best! Mine lives far away but we are always right there for each other and talk several times a week. I just saw another BFF and we had not seen one another for 3 yrs. We laughed so hard to see we had the same thing on. Scary but fun.
Blackberry ANYTHING is 2die4! Yours looks like I could eat my monitor.

Deanna said...

Cute story.

I have a BFF - we share a grandchild even.

Rural Rambler said...

A good neighbor and a wonderful friend all bundled together. It doesn't get much better than that! We bought our house from my neighbor(she sold us the old one and built her a new one)and she has become a wonderful friend. Funny, full of local info, good cook and got me started in her Book Club. The Blackberry Crisp, YUM!