Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Westphalia

Today my sister and I took our mother to the small town of Westphalia to see her 91 year old first cousin. They both enjoyed their visit. At times it was like playing jeopardy. They even commented what they miss most in their later life is their minds. And then they laughed . . .

The town located between the Osage river and Maries river is picturesque. It's a town of less than 400 and probably almost entirely made up of German descent.

I captured this barn as we drove out of the driveway at the nursing home.

Going "up" into town, I stopped at the Bruns house. The house hasn't been lived in for years and years, yet someone maintains the lawn. This half timber house was built in the mid 1830s for Dr. Bernhard Bruns.

The doors at St. Joseph Catholic Church. The church was established in 1835. The blacksmith was baptized here, therefore he appreciates the iron work for more than one reason.

This is the Westphalia Inn. The name might fool you, it's not an inn, but a restaurant. The menu consists of pan fried chicken and country cured ham.
It was a beautiful day in the country, Missouri that is, not Germany.


Barb said...

What a special treat for your mother and for you to be able to listen in. Love the photos.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a fun day you girls had! The fiddler & his g/f spend time in Westphalia every now and then as she has family there. (In fact, have you heard the fiddle tune "Westphalia Waltz?). They love it there. Your photos are beautiful, and make me want to visit! -Tammy

Rural Rambler said...

It's a beautiful little town! Great pictures. Glad you are out enjoying the our little bit of Missouri country with this beautiful weather! We headed to Crane's for jeans today and OH MY! they have a cheeseburgah there that is beyond belief!

StitchinByTheLake said...

We drive through Westphalia going to Jefferson City - I love that church but have never seen the "hotel" restaurant. Is it off the highway? And how is the food? I could probably talk Jerry into stopping there. :) blessings, marlene