Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's old, is new again

A co-worker asked me if I would do some sewing for her. Her parents had passed away earlier this year. She found her mother's wedding dress and ask for some mementos to be made out of it.

Together we brain stormed and came up with memory pillows. She gave me free rein as to what I could do with the dress. She had laundered it and it was almost as good as it was 60 some years ago.
It was a full length satin dress, more than likely homemade. There were gathers down the front to accent the bust. The skirt featured a lace overlay with a train made into it.

The front of the skirt had flowered appliques.

The back had 24 hand covered satin buttons. I found it interesting that they were sewn on with a heavy string, not mercerized thread. Notice the gathers in the sleeves at the elbows.
I came up with four pillows. There are two daughters and two grand daughters in the family.

Being a quilter, I had to piece the pillows. I was left with very few scraps of satin. This pillow
has the front bodice with the gathers, on the top left corner.

If you look closely at this one you will find the sleeve, snap on the cuff and all. I found it interesting that one sleeve had silver snap and the other one had a black snap.

On this pillow I used a lot of the lace overlay. The bottom right hand corner has part of the back of the dress. You can see the string used on the buttons.

All the buttons left over were sewn to this pillow.
I think the girls will really enjoy their pillows made from their Mother and Grandmother's wedding dress.


Brandi said...

That was a great idea. Love how they turned out!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

That was a wonderful idea and they are all beautiful Patti!

Deanna said...

Oh dear Patti, you just made me cry. I gave mom's wedding dress to mom's youngest sister because I didn't know what to do with it. I so wish I had thought of that. I'm going to call Yvonne tomorrow and find out what she did with the dress. Mom's dress was very similar to this. Sigh

Going to hold off on the blog meet til we can all enjoy meeting at the same time.

Maybe we ought to consider doing the funners while blacksmith is off hunting and then get the guys together at another time. Just a thought...

Bernie said...

These pillows are absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful idea, my favorite is the one with the buttons, love it.....:-)Hugs

SheilaC said...

What a wonderful way for each girl to remember their mom/grandmom!!

Beautiful job!


Shanda said...

I think you did an amazing job on the pillows, what a blessing for this familt to cherish for many years to come.

Nancy said...

what a great idea!!

katie said...

Beautiful creations you made. A wonderful idea to preserve an heirloom.
Good job Patti

Becky said...

THe pillows are beautiful. What a grand idea!

Zoey said...

What a great idea, Patti,
I am sure they will all love their memory pillow!

Mel said...

Love that idea!! My mother's wedding dress had hand quilting on it done by my grandmother.

Jackie said...


What a wonderful idea! I have my Mom's wedding dress and my own and I would love to do something like this. The pillows are beautiful.