Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Worlds Largest Steam Locomotive

Union Pacific Railroad's "Challenger" No. 3985, the world's largest operating steam locomotive, is on a six-state, 2,200-mile tour from Cheyenne, Wy., to Gorham, Il., to celebrate railroad heritage.

No. 3985 is on the Missouri River Eagle tour to help Sedalia, Mo., celebrate the community's Sesquicentennial on Sunday, October 10.

Yesterday it pulled into Jefferson City. After school today, the blacksmith and I picked up the boys and away we went to see this huge train.

The boys got a close up seat on the front.

You can see just how big this train is compared to the boys.

There were tons of people taking pictures, including my brother Bob's friend. Did I tell you my brother lives in the state of California and this was his high school friend.

The blacksmith is always attracted to fire and hot metal. If you enlarge this picture you can see the fire heating the water in the engine.

The guys got ahead of me. Note to self, next time wear flats on rough gravel.

When I caught up with them, we posed for a picture. I only wish I had pictures of my grand parents taking me to events at that age.

Afterwards it was up the hill to the State Capitol, Alex loves it there. Brady enjoyed the fountains too. A little too much, as he ended up with one very wet shirt sleeve.

Brady snapped this of us taking a break.

Across the mighty Missouri River we saw lots of barges.

This barge won't be going any where for some time. Apparently it washed upon the bank during high waters. Now it sits high and dry.

We ran to the hardware store and then took the boys home. Their dad was making some good smelling vegetable soup. He asked us to stay but, we had ham and beans in the slow cooker.
This is how our evening was spent, enjoying a nice fall fire.


Down On The Farm said...

Beautiful beautiful day. I too wish I had pictures of me with my grandparents. You are a GOOD GRANDMA! I work in downtown Jeff and I drove by this train on my lunch hour yesterday. It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY to enjoy this. Yes, life is good!

Rural Revival said...

Wow, that is one big locomotive! My granddad was a diesel mechanic and I spent many Saturdays playing among running engines in the shop.

I love trains!

PS. That fire looks quite inviting!

Deanna said...

I wish we culd have made it into town to see that locomotive. I'm pretty sure it is the same one we took the kids to see MANY years ago. It was a perfect day for what you did with the boys.

I hadn't noticed that barge on dry dock. Poor thing.

Flat Creek Farm said...

So cool!! You and BT are wonderful grandparents, and also very photogenic I might add :) As well as the grandkids, of course! That is one HUGE huge train. -Tammy

Tipper said...

Wow-now that is a train! Looks like fun for all : )

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Hey! I saw that the other day but I was on a mission. I had grocheries with me so I couldn't stop. I turned right there by the Truman building onto McCarty and headed for my sons house. Thanks for taking the photos. Great photo and you and Bernie too!@

Zoey said...

It sounds like a great family day--you are an awesome Grandma!