Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party at Osage Bend 2010

. . .once again, not to be confused with Osage Bluff.
The son and wife held their first annual Halloween Party.
It was a HOOT!!
If names are not given, it's to protect the innocent
those in the witness protection program!
The Blacksmith and wife.
(Not too many devils have hand forged forks.)
(Not too many witches have hand forged handles on their brooms either)

Rosie and Henry Orbit.

Nemo Lizzie

Special forces patrolman.

My favorite costume, great job Joleen.

Aladdin and son.

My son and wife, and her sister and husband, came dressed alike.
Funny thing is, these sisters are the youngest and the oldest of a family of 12 children.
Much to their surprise they both came dressed as flappers with their gangster husbands.

A family protrait!


Janet said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Marge said...

Looks like a fun party to me!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love the costumes!! Of course, I adore yours and BT's costumes and special handforged accessories :) And look at little Lizzie.. adorable!! And Rosie from the Jetson's forever holds a special place in my heart. Must have been the year for flapper girls as the fiddler's girlfriend was one as well. Fun!! -Tammy

Becky said...

Love it!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Lloks like you all had a great time! I thought you went camping?

Nezzy said...

What a clan ya have there. Eclectic with mobsters to are blessed.

Looks like ya'll had a blast and a half. What fun :o)

God bless and have a magnificent Monday sweetie!!!

Zoey said...

What fun you and the blacksmith have! I love your costumes with the special hand forged accessories.

Rural Rambler said...

Looks like spooky good fun to me! Cool costumes and I bet there was some good munchies!!!

Amber said...

I love Cole and Leah's costume! HILARIOUS!!!

Deanna said...

Do I dare say that you make a great witch???? The costumes are all great! It looks like a lot of fun. Elizabeth is so cute.