Sunday, October 31, 2010

Casita Trip Day 1 tuesday October 26 2010

We took off on our maiden voyage with the Casita last Tuesday morning. A hundred and thirty miles and three hours later we arrived in Eminence, Missouri. There we found Arrowhead camp ground and pulled in. We had almost the entire campground to ourselves. 3 cabins were rented to construction workers. Another cabin had lights at night but we never saw anyone there except for a lady having an occasional smoke on the porch.

We paid $50 plus tax for 2 nights. Little did we know it would come with all the free DVD's we could watch. The owners were gone on a cruise. The stand in gal really didn't know a thing about the camp ground. She told us that up front, as she is really a school teacher.

After we set up camp we went road tripping. First it was to Alley Springs. Even the parking lot was beautiful.

This would be the first of several places that we would have all to ourselves. The tall three story red mill was so majestic looking. Unfortunately, it was closed for the season.

The spring behind the mill was so calming and peaceful. The water was the most unbelievable shade of blue.

After walking the trails we returned to our campsite. There we checked out the Jack's Fork river. I took my magazine and a lawn chair. The blacksmith took his fly rod. The wind was a hindrance to both of us, but nothing could spoil our peaceful fun!

The bridge over the Jack's Fork made shade for a few ducks splashing in the water.

At dusk we retired to the camper and made dinner. As we were cooking the host came and offered us videos. We turned her down saying we didn't have a TV or DVD player with us (after all we were camping). After dinner we remembered that we had the laptop so we walked to the office. The blacksmith picked out three movies. Avatar, Da Vinci Code, and a Bruce Willis Die Hard movie.
And then we settled in for the night.


StitchinByTheLake said...

What a beautiful place - I've never heard of it though. Is it north or south of you? blessings, marlene

Lori said...

I love it when we happen upon a place while camping and it's not so busy. It sure makes things more enjoyable and peaceful, doesn't it? That mill looks cool. Too bad it was closed.

Rural Rambler said...

Well Patti, first things first. I love your new header, very festive and Fall-ish!

The Casita is darling and Eminence was a great destination. We have done our share of canoeing there. Your Fall pictures are beautiful Patti. I love the idea of traveling in the Fall during the week because it is so quiet. I am not much of a camper but the cabins are fun too. CH and I need to make a trip there for old time's sake. Glad you and the Blacksmith had a great Day 1. Looking forward to your Day 2. What a perfect time to go, no inposter ladybugs?

Annie Jones said...

We've always wanted to camp in the fall, but haven't yet. Some of the state parks we've stayed in during the summer have been wall-to-wall with people. I like having fewer people around myself.

You should plan a visit to Watkins Mill State Park near Kearney, MO. It's one of the more crowded parks, but the tour of the mill and old house are great.

Eminence looks beautiful. We may have to plan a camping trip there next summer.

Nancy said...

What a trip down memory lane. My family used to camp there when I was a kid. There was a place with horseback rides and trampolines and I would go horseback riding every day. One year we must have been flush as we rented a cabin and stayed an entire week.
Thanks for the photos...

Deanna said...

Alley Springs was our camping destination almost every summer when the kids were little. We always stayed at the department of interior campground. The Mill is so scenic. There isn't all that much to see inside - pictures and some museum type stuff - so you didn't miss much. Your pictures make me want to go back.

Marge said...

Sounds like you had a perfect first trip in your camper. I love fall camping, with the cool nights, the beautiful leaves, and the quiet empty campgrounds! We're still doing the fix up stuff in our camper. I did a little wallpaper yesterday and we did a chair rail today. Carpet next.


Zoey said...

Here is a bit of trivia for you, Patti....Bruce Willis filmed one of the Die Hard movies in my town. In fact most of the cast stayed at the hotel I work at for about a month while they did the filming.

Bruce stayed at a big historic home they rented for him, but he did make an appearance in our bar late one evening.

The place they were supposed to film, did not have any snow, and they needed an airport with snow, so they found my little town! It was a pretty big event for us.

I have never watched a movie on a computer. I guess it would be perfect for camping.