Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Family weekend

It's been a great family weekend around here. Daughter Sarah drove in Friday from Oklahoma City. That night all the kids and grand kids went out for Mexican food and drinks.

After dinner little Elizabeth came home with us to spend the night. When the football (home coming) game was over Sarah brought Brady home to spend the night. So two of the 3 grand kids spent the night.

Saturday, Sarah had a wedding to attend. Early afternoon Jeremy and the other grandson came. Later Lori came after photographing a wedding in Koeltztown.

For dinner they were all here for fresh fried turkey. The blacksmith had shot it on Friday.

Sunday, Sarah and I did a little shopping, and then went to see my mom. It was on to Central Dairy for a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

We stopped by the house and picked up the blacksmith and headed to Osage Bend, (not to be confused with Osage Bluff).

Anyway, St Margaret's parish was dedicating their new Veterans Memorial.

Sarah and Elizabeth enjoyed the cool crisp afternoon on the parish grounds.

The flag goes up the new pole. Son Jeremy read the names of the veterans that were buried in the cemetry. The dedication was followed by a free BBQ lunch.

Back on the home front in the evening Sarah returned to her baking duties. That is something I always enjoyed when she lived here.

She made Pioneer womans Streusel-topped pumpkin bread. You must try this recipe. It's AWESOME!!!

Tomorrow life returns to dull. It's a long drive for Sarah and it's back to work for me.

Hope you all have a good week.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Whew! What a weekend, but a great one at that. I love that picture of Sarah and Elizabeth in their very cool shades! I may have to try that bread too :) Oops, I keep forgetting I still don't have an oven! Have a good Monday! -Tammy

Rural Rambler said...

Family-filled weekends are the best! And I thought we were busy. Just let me have a tenth of your energy!

Sara said...

The pumpkin bread looks amazing and I am glad you enjoyed your weekend:)

Deanna said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend. The photo of the bread looks like something you'd find in Good Housekeeping. Yummy!

If crowds are any indication, our Fall Festival was a big success. I can't wait to hear how we did.

Jackie said...

Busy weekend...great to have everyone home I bet! That bread looks delicious!!


Anonymous said...

Thats sounds like a great weekend, and the cake sounds really good, thanks for sharing :o)