Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Casita Trip day 3 - Thursday October 28, 2010

We woke up toasty warm. Leaving the heater on all night did the trick. Yes, it has an automatic thermostat.

I made breakfast burritos with bacon, eggs, and onions. Wish I would have had some green peppers, but they still tasted great. It made us think about Bob and Rita. (RVer cousins) They frequently have breakfast tacos, about which the blacksmith always tells her, he doesn't get the whole taco thing.

We pulled out of camp in Eminence at 10:45. Fifty five miles later we arrived at
Montauk State Park. For $21 we were spending the night.

The grounds were beautiful. It has about 150 camp sites mingled through the big oak and maple trees.

The historic mill, which is more than 100 years old stands at the entrance to the park. This historic site was a vital part of the Montauk Community into the 1920s. Built in 1896, the “Old Mill” had elaborate milling machinery. Much of it is still located there.

Below the mill were the trout pools. As we walked by I told the blacksmith the fish were all swimming in one direction. That's when he explained to me they were following him. The fish know they are fed by someone walking by. They just didn't recognized that he wasn't the feeder!

After parking the RV we took a tour of the area. Here is Montauk Spring.

I wish I could have measured the depth. It seemed you could see 20 feet deep, fish, grass, rocks and all. It was crystal clear!!

The area is known for trout fishing. Everywhere we stopped someone was fly fishing. Live bait is not allowed.

WOW, another Casita is in the park.

Remember the song from the Jefferson's? "Moving on up". Maybe this is where we could go? This RV was built by Freightliner! As in Freightliner semi trucks! It had 5 crank outs. Of course I'm sure they were motorized not crank outs.

As darkness set in, we retreated to the camper. We enjoyed our bottle of Missouri Norton wine from Grey Bear Winery. After that, the blacksmith grilled pork chops outside, as I made buttered noodles and collard greens inside.

We had no DVD's for the evening. We enjoyed watching the coming and going of RV's in the park. Bedtime came before 9 with the radio softly playing.

Sadly tomorrow is our last day to play.


Rural Rambler said...

Now that you have a Casita we are always seeing them rolling down the road. I bet there is a group of Casita owners that have a club. They really are cute! More beautiful scenery and some great food :) Glad you had such a nice time!

Annie Jones said...

You had such a lovely trip! We're definitely going to have to head south next year. If nothing else, it will be worth the extra miles just to see beautiful clear water. All the creeks and rivers up here are so muddy.

I wish our pop-up had a thermostat. It has heat, but one of is constant getting up during the night to turn it off or on.

Can't wait for your next post!

Jackie said...

Fun!! Look forward to reading more about your trips in the Casita.


Lori said...

I've enjoyed following along with your camping trip. We didn't get away once camping this year. I hope to take the grands next summer though.

Karen said...

Hi! - glad you found my blog because I love yours too!! And you're camping! Which I've always loved, but the husband hated. *sigh* So I'll live alittle of that dream through reading about yours.

Our home was a true labor of love, took us a long time to finally acquire and then two years of feverishly re-doing. I do love the old beams too. I'll have to do some more hunting around your blog! Thanks for the pics!

Deanna said...

Where is Grey Bear Winery? I've never heard of it. Norton is one of our favorite wines.

That fly fishing looked mighty cold to me, but I guess the waders keep them warm.

It looks like you had a wonoderful time.

Zoey said...

Beautiful scenery, beautiful write up of your trip....it all sounds so romantic....I can just envision the Blacksmith frying up those chops as you pop the wine cork.............good dinner, good wine, to bed by nine...........you almost make me want to give up Holiday Inn's and buy a Casita!

Marge said...

We spent a couple of weeks at Montauk State Park a few years ago. Loved it! It was fall, and the ground was thick with leaves. Smelled so good! Took a couple of nice hikes in the area.


TNWT said...

If you enjoy camping an wine, have you checked out Harvest Hosts (http://www.harvesthosts.com/index.html). We have used this service twice in Missouri. Fun finding others who enjoy Norton wine. Have you read Todd Kliman's book, The Wild Vine. An interesting grape biography (with a couple twists and turns). 214 Norton wineries today in 23 states! We've tried 104 of them to date. And of course the best came from Missouri (with a couple Virginia exceptions).