Thursday, November 4, 2010

Casita Trip day 4 Friday October 29 2019

Friday morning was the coldest morning yet. The neighbor next door said the gallon jug of water that he had weighted his satellite dish with was frozen.

Once again, it was toasty warm in our little abode. I made sausage, scrambled eggs, skillet toast, and cheesy grits for breakfast. After we washed the dishes, we took one last walk around the camp grounds. The fishing whistle had blown several hours earlier. Apparently everyone was fished out because we saw no one near the water.

We were slow in packing up. We were savoring the time! While doing our packing, a camper pulled up next to the space beside us. He gets out his gas powered leaf blower and blows the paved lot off. As if that wasn't enough, he blew off the yard adjoining it. I really wanted to stay a couple more hours just to see how far this guy's OCD went!!

We pulled out of space 312 at 12:30.

Along Hwy 119, we had seen a log church on our way in and marked it on our bucket list.

It is St Jude's Chapel. The log cabin church was built in 1968 by Walter Weber. It is said, the owner promised God if his business did well, he would build a little chapel. Weber’s St. Louis-based pump manufacturing business prospered, so he honored his word.

The morning glories on the arbor had already been killed by frost. I could only imagine what they must have looked liked.

Walking towards the church you find this cross.

The iron work on the door shows some of the hand work that went into the making of this log church.

St Jude watches over those going by.

A peaceful repose could be experienced on the bench facing a lovely tiled meditation wall located to the left of the chapel.

The log church was locked, but we did as many have done, pressed our noses to the windows. The floor looked like hand made bricks upon which were hand hewn log benches.
Masses are held every Saturday at 3:30. I was willing to camp in their parking lot until then. However, home also sounded good too.
After walking the grounds it was time to hit the road. In less than two hours we were back to reality, I mean home.
We really enjoyed our maiden voyage! We hope to have many more trips in the future. They may just have to wait until spring, the snow will be flying soon.
Gracia Casita!


Deanna said...

Wow. That church is so cool. You guys sure do eat well in that little Casita. We are definitely in for some colder temperatures. Glad you were able to stay toasty warm in your little abode.

Annie Jones said...

I loved your narrative of your trip. We didn't get to camp this past I have the fever already for next summer!

Karen said...

Love this little church, what a great find!... thanks for the tour.

Marge said...

Thanks for the memories! We also stopped at that little church when we were camped there. I want to go back!

Sounds like your maiden voyage went well! We've about finished out redo of our trailer, and will pack it away until January when we pack up in the below zero weather and head to Arizona for a month or so. Every Casita I see will remind me of you!


Flat Creek Farm said...

What beautiful pictures! The Church, The Cross... so many cool things you saw. I'll bet you two will be planning and plotting all winter on the upcoming trips :) Thanks for sharing with us! -Tammy

Rita said...

I loved reading about your maiden voyage. Brought back great memories of our Casita days. Hope you have many more memories to come in your little Casa-not-so-grande!