Monday, November 1, 2010

Casita Trip day 2 - Wednesday 10/27/2010

As morning approached, we awakened to a slightly frigid camper. We plugged in the heater and got the coffee perking. Soon it was toasty warm. With the forecast calling for colder temperatures the next night, we might get ahead of the cold by leaving the heater on.

My vintage wool army blanket from cousin Mindy made for warm sleeping. (After all she lives in Hawaii and doesn't need wool blankets there)

We made breakfast sandwiches of sausage, eggs, and toasted whole wheat english muffins. We waited for the frost to melt before we headed out.

This is one of the views from what is known as the phone booth. Many valleys have no cell signal. As the blacksmith hunts every fall in this area, they know they can call home from this mountain top.

This is a view from the Current River. It had been about 23 years since I had camped here. The river channel has changed drastically since then.

The blacksmith and his buddies camp on what they call the high bank here every August. It's a week long muzzle loading squirrel hunt.

Another place to try out his fly rod. Once again I grabbed a lawn chair and enjoyed the view.

After no luck fishing we drove to the other side of the river. Here we walked to Blue Spring. The sign going in said the walk was 1 mile. Funny thing the sign walking out said 1.3 miles. We felt both were completely wrong. It had to be more like 3 miles.

As we were going into the park, we met two guys who were launching their kayaks. Both claimed any day on the river was the best day. They were from Rolla, Missouri.

This is the view from the lookout deck, high above Blue Spring.

Eye level view of the spring!

We hiked back to the car, took out our picnic lunch, found a near by table, and enjoyed the scenery.

A few short miles away we found Rocky Falls. We would have this entire area to ourselves. Here's a little information I copied on the falls.

A shut-in is formed when a stream encounters tough igneous rock. While water can easily wear down limestone or other sedimentary rocks, it meets its match in the highly resistant brown, pink and purple porphyry that are remnants of ancient volcanic activity. The result is a dramatic and musical water show, which in this case is as much a waterfall as a shut-in.

Rocky Creek cascades 40 feet down the rock, finally finding freedom in a wide pool of cold, clear water that is an excellent if little-known swimming hole.

It was close to 4:00 before we drove way. It was just such a beautiful day in the Ozarks.

Back at the camper, hamburgers were grilled outside, as I made fried potatoes with onions inside and heated some home canned green beans.

After dinner it was time to enjoy another free DVD from the office.

I can't believe we still have two more days to go!


Nancy said...

it sounds so lovely and quiet and fresh... very jealous..

Sara said...

Fun times with you and your hubby--how sweet!

Marge said...

I'm with you in spirit! Love those kinds of camping days.....peace, quiet, beauty, and no one around but God! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this so much. It's been years since we were at Ally Spring. We used to go to the Current River quite a bit and camped there when my kids were young.

Nezzy said...

What a treasured time ya'll are havin' before the cold old winter grabs hold of the Ozarks. Your pics are simply beautiful sweetie.

God bless and enjoy your trip! :o)

Deanna said...

So peaceful! I fixed fried potatoes with onions the other night too. But I'll bet mine didn't taste nearly as good as yours. Good food and camping just go together.

Gorgeous pictures.