Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deer Camp Pie

One of the most important things in deer camp is the "food". At least that is what us women think!

So the menus so far have been something like this:

Friday night - Fried fish, fried potatoes, hush puppies and Ramen cole slaw and homemade fruit slaw (Your recipe Delphine*).

Saturday night - Dan, the connoisseur BBQ man, made dry rubbed smoked ribs. Larraine brought Lutz's homemade potato chips in 3 flavors. I brought Romaine lettuce salad with dried cherries, sun flowers seeds, provolone cheese and raspberry/red wine vinegar dressing. Lori added sugar cookies and chocolate chips cookies for dessert.

Tonight - It was fried wild turkey, french fries, 7 layer salad, broccoli rice casserole and Larraine's PEAR pie! She also made two cream puff pies.

(This picture is for you Delphine*, just to see your DIL with her pie!)

Here the blacksmith hands out pie to the grand kids.
Ya gotta love deer camp food!

* Delphine is my MIL who resides in Texas and reads my blog every night!


Zoey said...

Holy smokes, I gained three pounds just reading this!

It sounds like a great time was had by all.

Anyone get a deer yet?

Marge said...

Oh, I miss the days when the whole family would gather for deer camp! My MIL's specialty was roasting a big beef roast and a big pork roast together in the same pan. The gravy was delicious! And she'd bake buns every day, a to die for spice cake, and the world's best potato salad. Since the land is no longer in the family, and MIL is with Jesus, we don't have a place for the whole family to gather. I miss it! I'm glad you still have the tradition intact!

Deanna said...

That deer camp food sounds and looks yummy! Jim isn't even hunting this year. I miss having deer meat, so when I do embroidery jobs for Julie, I always have them pay me in deer meat.

Lori said...

Can you share the recipe for fruit slaw? It sounds wonderful.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Last photo I saw of Larraine, she was blue! HA HA! Looks good! I was sitting in a deer blind. Saw some but never got one.

Nezzy said...

Golly gee, 'round here only unbathed whiskered men are allowed in deer camp! Now, I wanna come!!!

God bless ya'll and have an incredible time at your deer camp! :o)