Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby it's gonna be HOT outside

It's Mizzourery, hot, hot, hot.

They are predicting heat index of 108, and temperatures in the triple digits.

So just how do you stay cool? 

Are we geeks or what? 

 Funny thing, the lady behind the camera also has her own computer.


9:15 am
84 degrees
58% humidity


Nancy said...

We are also staying in...let the son take my car to work instead of me driving him...his is in the shop...

will hate opening the electric bill next month...

GerryART said...

This is what we love about mid-Mo.
Yep! it's the weather.

Marge said...

Patti, the Minnesota heat index was 119 yesterday! As tropical as the Amazon Jungle they said. It will cool off today though. Only 111 heat index! I'm staying in too. Started a new quilt. And when I'm not sewing I'm on the computer!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Well, what a bunch of nerdy geeks.. lol! Cute pic. PW and I just took off our beekeeping suits. Now THAT's a new way to lose weight - a self-contained sauna- whew! Won't be any more of that today! We're taking a short drive to keep cool this afternoon, and visiting with some elderly relatives of mine who are experienced beekeepers. Should be fun, and cool. Stay cool down in your neck of the woods! -T

Deanna said...

Great picture! Sign of the times.

I have to go into work for awhile today. The car will be cool when I head in, but I dread getting into the hot car for the trip back home. Blah.

I've taken to drinking iced coffee on these hot days.

Janet said...

Looks so very familiar!
Stay cool!

Zoey said...

LOL - love it!

Karen said...

We got barn and garden chores done by 7:30 this morning and I'm reading blogs in the AC at 8:07. I am remembering that awful winter and trying to appreciate that we aren't THERE.