Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Downtown Jefferson City

Our day started out way early. The blacksmith was demonstrating at the festival in downtown. We left the house at 7:03 AM.

We had the booth all set up and ready for customers before 8:30.

Since we were located right next to the capitol, I took off for a few pictures before the crowd came.

This was our view for the day. Beautiful!!!

The blacksmith is resting up before the crowd came. It was an extremely hot day to be pounding on iron with the 90 degree temperatures and the high humidity.
Grandson Alex came to play checkers  near by and almost granddaughter Anna looked on.
Grandson Brady and almost granddaughter Emily stacked boards.

Do you see Lewis and Clark?

I thought this was a cool picture. How many blacksmiths have hammered this close to the capitol?

Here he is working away.

The festival just wore Ms E out. But not until she had her faced painted for the occasion!


Karen said...

Great pictures, what a fun day! And I bet just a little exhausting in that heat.

Anonymous said...

You were probably right about not many blacksmiths having hammered that close to the capitol, but I'm sure there have been plenty of legislators that have gotten hammered there ! Jim H.

Lori said...

Love that big checkerboard!

Jeri Landers said...

I can relate to the sleeping princess. I have had 5 shows back to back in the heat... and the rain and last week, a mini twister. What a life!

Flat Creek Farm said...

We thought about you guys on the 4th. Looks like a wonderful, fun day. I've always loved events we've had at the Capitol (one year it was fiddling, another year it was the blacksmith).. it's a beautiful place! Great pics!! -Tammy

Rural Revival said...

Patti, Love the photo of the blacksmith plying his craft in front of the capital building (which is a beauty!) even though it must have been a hot day for him.