Saturday, July 16, 2011

St Stanislaus Picnic 2011

Beef cooking on the stove top

Beef cooking in the ovens

Beef cooling

Quick breads are sacked for sale

Cookies are bagged for sale

Many cinnamon rolls await icing

Just a few pans of the many that have been iced

Cabbage is cut into quarters

a machine and a few helping hands shreds cabbage

Gallons of slaw dressing has been made

A couple hundred pounds of potatoes needs to be peeled

Dishes are washed

Tables are set
Won't you join us tomorrow for dinner?


missing moments said...

Oh my gosh .. that is soooooo much food! Looks sumptious!choker

twodraftmom said...

Hey, that was me frosting the cinnamon rolls! We need to meet at the fall supper. Claire Sandbothe.

Flat Creek Farm said...

fun and great food!! wish we could be there!! Also enjoyed your BAM post.. will send my blacksmith over to check out what he missed. Enjoy your day tomorrow. When do you rest?? Apparently not this weekend :) -Tammy

camp and cottage living said...

After seeing that food I am more than tempted to hop on a plane and fly right down for the "fix-ins"!
OMG it's making me so....hungry!

Lori said...

It all looks wonderful! What are you making from all of the beef?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

WOW!!~ That's a whole lotta food!!

Zoey said...

I would love to join you!

I peeled 3 lbs. of potatoes early this morning. Can't imagine peeling 200 lbs!

Have a great time. I can tell you will be having a great meal.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I sure wish I could! I do so love homemade cinnamon rolls. :) blessings, marlene

Gmama Jane said...

WOW!! I came to visit your blog via Stitchinbythelake, Marlene's blog! What on earth is a St. Stanislaus Picnic and so much food??? How is this beef served?? I'm always interested in regional cooking and customs. Hope you'll hop on voer to my blog for a visit and perhaps become a follower?? Marlene has become such a good blogging friend, via our blogs. As grandmothers, we all have much in common and loving quilts is the icing on the cake.
Gmama Jane